We made it to Auckland but they will not let us into the airport without a ticket for today. Can’t reach airline. What a mess! Thanks for your help. We loved our stay with you. Sorry it was cut short.
Kind regards,
Phil and Ellen Stout 3/20

Dear Roman and The Rees Team
A note to say thank you, and your staff for great service while we stayed at your beautiful Hotel last weekend. This was really appreciated.
We hope that soon the tourists return to enjoy your hospitality. Go well
Warm regards
Pauline and Philip O'Malley 5/20

I had a lovely stay there. I am actually coming back now for a stay tonight. It is the last day of our honeymoon in NZ and we were wondering if you can give us an upgrade to an even better room for tonight.
The gesture would be much appreciated.
Mayank 2/20

Dear Richard
We had a fantastic holiday in New Zealand and especially at The Rees. Thank you again for the part you played in this – you helped us create some fantastic memories!
We are home now – got back on Saturday afternoon UK time.
We hope to see you again in The Rees; in the meantime if you find yourself in Chester with your friends please reach out and we will take you for a glass of wine!!!
Michael Graham 01/20
Chief Financial Officer
Sykes Cottages

Hello Adithya
We had a brilliant stay with you guys! Lovely hotel and great staff!
We forgot to collect an invoice for the accommodation for our stay, which was pre paid. Please may you email us the invoice?
Many thanks
Hilary Miller 02/20

Hello Venkatesh, Marichou, and the rest of the team,
My wife, two young children and I will be back in Queenstown between June 30 - August 7. After a wonderful stay for a couple of nights last year we were contemplating staying with you on our return.
With that, I was wondering whether you perhaps do a returning guest discount of some variety?
Kind regards,
Nick 02/20

We really enjoyed our time with Roman. He was an amazing host and guide. We had a blast. Also - we had an AMAZING time there at the hotel and you all are great.
I asked my 2 daughters and we did not ever see a Kea Bird in the room. We looked through our things and didn't see it either. THAT being said - if the funds go toward conservation and preservation of the wildlife; please keep and donate it.
Kind Regards, Tom 01/20

Good morning The Rees,
We have just checked out after 7 great nights staying with you.
Thank you so much for accommodating our request for Room 7011, we are so appreciative of this.
We were wondering if we can please book in again for the same time next year?
Could you please let me know availability? I can provide a credit card deposit if required.
Kind regards
Jodie Richardson 01/20

We have had a wonderful stay. The facilities and staff have been exceptional.
We do not however use Facebook as we do not wish to provide that organisation with our data, so unfortunately we cannot complete your survey.
Best Wishes
Brian Parkinson 01/20

Good Evening,
My apologies for the delayed response to your email.
Our stay at your property was quite unexpected as we had pre-booked other accommodation in Queenstown before starting out on our holiday. The quality and condition of that particular property on arrival was so bad that we asked for a refund soon after checking in, leaving us to search for a 3 night stay elsewhere.
Your lovely staff were extremely helpful and sympathetic to our situation, even offering an upgrade when our choice of room was not available. The location, size, quality and cleanliness of our apartment was superb, and the shuttle bus an excellent service. It made our day after our earlier bad experience. We would not hesitate to recommend your property to anyone visiting Queenstown.
A big thankyou to all your wonderful staff we came in contact with during our stay also.
Kind regards,
Paula Clements 12/19

We are still traveling but I received your email. Our stay at your hotel was absolutely first class all the way. From Lauren to Joe to Austin to Sophia to several others that offered us great assistance, I want to say thank you from all of us. If we ever Get back to Queenstown, we will definitely be staying with all of you. There are a couple names I just cannot recall right now because it’s been a long travel day but the entire team is awesome!!!
Have a Happy New Year !!!!
Mathew Fulgeri 12/19

Dear Richard,
Justin and his family had thoroughly enjoyed their dinner at Fishbone! And they had visited Jervois the previous night, and enjoyed their meal there too.
They would like to thank you and Jimmy for the recommendations, and for all the kind assistance you have rendered to make it possible.
Thank you, and to the Concierge team, and do have a good week ahead.
Thanks & Regards,
Alicia Lau 12/19
Albizia Capital Pte Ltd
Good Evening,
My apologies for the delayed response to your email.
Our stay at your property was quite unexpected as we had pre-booked other accommodation in Queenstown before starting out on our holiday. The quality and condition of that particular property on arrival was so bad that we asked for a refund soon after checking in, leaving us to search for a 3 night stay elsewhere.

Your lovely staff were extremely helpful and sympathetic to our situation, even offering an upgrade when our choice of room was not available. The location, size, quality and cleanliness of our apartment was superb, and the shuttle bus an excellent service. It made our day after our earlier bad experience. We would not hesitate to recommend your property to anyone visiting Queenstown.
A big thankyou to all your wonderful staff we came in contact with during our stay also.
Kind regards,
Paula Clements 12/19

We are still traveling but I received your email. Our stay at your hotel was absolutely first class all the way. From Lauren to Joe to Austin to Sophia to several others that offered us great assistance, I want to say thank you from all of us. If we ever Get back to Queenstown, we will definitely be staying with all of you. There are a couple names I just cannot recall right now because it’s been a long travel day but the entire team is awesome!!!
Have a Happy New Year !!!!
Mathew Fulgeri 12/19

Dear Richard,
Justin and his family had thoroughly enjoyed their dinner at Fishbone! And they had visited Jervois the previous night, and enjoyed their meal there too.
They would like to thank you and Jimmy for the recommendations, and for all the kind assistance you have rendered to make it possible.
Thank you, and to the Concierge team, and do have a good week ahead.
Thanks & Regards,
Alicia Lau 12/19
Albizia Capital Pte Ltd
Hi Nathan
We had a amazing time.
The Taittinger Wine dinner covered the 3 musts in our book, food, wine, and views.
It was the best wine dinner we have ever been to in Queenstown, and as locals we go to a lot of them.
The food was simply amazing, your new chef is a amazing acquisition, some of the best food we have ever had in Queenstown or abroad, and we travel all over the world.
Yes please sign us up for future invites to wine dinners.
Yours Sincerely
Steven and Maggie Rowden 12/19

Just to say a big thank you for a fantastic stay at your hotel. From the moment Maria booked us in and provided a room upgrade as it was my fiancé’s 40th, Sam driving us up to take pictures returning on the shuttle last night, to leaving this morning when Jeet looked after us when there were no tables at breakfast this morning, it made for a very special experience from start to finish. Please pass on our thanks to the staff and the three mentioned.
Many thanks, James and Priya. 12/19

Many thanks Nathan
The food was exquisite and the service great.
Big thank you to Corey and his team and the Service team.
Can you use my credit card I used to pay for last night or do you want me to send it to you?
Many thanks
Richard Newman FREINZ 12/19
Licensee Agent / Principal | Ray White Arrowtown - Newman Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008) MREINZ

We enjoyed our stay at your lovely hotel.
Casey Hoyt 12/19
Dear Brittany,
My absolute pleasure. We were so pleased with our stay.
Please share with the staff. They are wonderful as it your hotel.
Very best regards,
Sandy Simon 11/19
PS - excuse my typo. Queenstown

Good morning,
Our stay was fantastic. Just the final charges were not done correctly. I was supposed to paid for 3 units, the way I gave my Cc card, 7141,7131,5151 units.
I did not have a chance to check the numbers, hope it is correct.
Best regards,
Jurgita Gurevicius 11/19
Jurgita Travel
Chicago, USA

No problem!!!! We had a blast and can’t wait to come back!
Sanjay Modi 11/19
Advanced Tenant Properties

Kia Ora Adam,
We appreciate your assistance with this matter, thank you.
We very much enjoyed our trip to the South Island and look forward to returning to this absolutely beautiful part of the world and the Rees. Lucky you!
Again, thank you and have a wonderful day.
Kind regards,
Anna Marie Voight 11/19

Hello. Just catching up on email upon my return. These are all correct; we had a lovely room service dinner in the room on our last night. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you. Regards, Gwenyth
Gwenyth Jones 11/19

We are stayed at room no. 7091. 
I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU ALL.
we stayed very good room condition, warm, comfortable shuttle bus every hour and very kind staff.
I think the rees is the best hotel in the world.
Thank you.
Someday I will be back^^
Best regards,
Jieun cha. 11/19

Once again thank you so much for a wonderful stay, your staff are outstanding, particularly Roman, Lauren, Alex , Adam and Eugene. The rooms are wonderful and we loved your reception each night having cocktails . 
Many thanks Nicky Watherston 11/19

Dear Mark
I hope all is going well in the UK.
I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for my stay at the Rees. From arrival through departure the stay was excellent. Please also pass on my appreciation to the team – everyone I came in contact with were charming and helpful. I even considered changing my flight back to Auckland to enjoy more of that amazing Sunday weather.
Kind regards
Mark Kerr 11/19
Cruise Manager New Zealand
Abercrombie & Kent | Akorn DMC

We are stayed at room no. 7091. 
I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU ALL.
we stayed very good room condition, warm, comfortable shuttle bus every hour and very kind staff.
I think the rees is the best hotel in the world.
Thank you.
Someday I will be back^^
Best regards,
Jieun cha. 11/19

Once again thank you so much for a wonderful stay, your staff are outstanding, particularly Roman, Lauren, Alex , Adam and Eugene. The rooms are wonderful and we loved your reception each night having cocktails . 
Many thanks Nicky Watherston 11/19

Dear Mark
I hope all is going well in the UK.
I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for my stay at the Rees. From arrival through departure the stay was excellent. Please also pass on my appreciation to the team – everyone I came in contact with were charming and helpful. I even considered changing my flight back to Auckland to enjoy more of that amazing Sunday weather.
Kind regards
Mark Kerr 11/19
Cruise Manager New Zealand
Abercrombie & Kent | Akorn DMC

Hi Richard,
Thanks so much for our wonderful stay at the Rees Hotel.
Our managers and partners thoroughly enjoyed their time in Queenstown.
Thanks for all your help.
Kind regards,
Gayle 10/19

Hi Mark
Just a quick note to compliment your amazing staff and your property.
We stayed in the weekend and had another fabulous faultless time ! Thanks so much.
A special mention to Adam, Micka, and Dipesh, all very pleasant and helpful.
Thanks again. Looking forward to next time already.
Fran McDermott 11/19
Island Media

We loved our stay with you, and never even ate food with a fork in your lovely apartment at all. Mrs Comrie, our colleague who stayed with us, noted the small holes the only time we watched a movie and saw the little holes, when we first arrived. She thought a guest with a small child must have done that prior to our arrival.
We most certainly would never have caused any damage to your lovely room of any kind. We intend to return to your property next year, and bring as many as 40 of our clients with us when we do. I fear your housekeeping staff must have missed those holes previously.
I trust you know we would never cause any damage to an apartment we so enjoyed staying in so much.
Thank you very much,
Shelli Jones 11/19
It was all beautiful thankyou for your hospitality. We will certainly be back. My daughter has misplaced a little gold kiwi bird necklace I assume somewhere in the rooms, has it by any chance been handed in by the cleaners?
Kind Regards,
Tim Leggott 10/19
The Blockage Doctor Pty Ltd
Melbourne • Sydney • Canberra • Gold Coast • Brisbane

Good morning!
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Rees! The hotel rooms were great, and the views spectacular. Breakfast was good too! I'm happy to write a Trip Advisor review and recommend The Rees to anyone I know headed to QT.
Have a good day -
Laurie 10/19

Hi Mark,
Was great to meet you also and special thanks to the effort that yourself and Roman (and staff) put in for our guests on a regular basis.
I look forward to working closely together in the coming years.
Kind Regards
Chris Cameron 10/19
The Road Trip

Hi Venkatesh
Thank you for your email. We loved our stay at The Rees and I did a review on Trip Advisor while waiting for our flight at Queenstown airport on Sunday.
Thank you to all the staff for making our stay so memorable.
Trish Bretland & Damien Hogan 10/19

Kia Ora and thanks for the follow up Email.
I am not on Social Media, so no posting from me 😉
The first week of December, Nicole Schwenk will stay with you. Maybe you can give her a little bottle of wine 😊
Just as a feedback, the room above me had a wild party from Saturday to Sunday and there was no way of sleeping until 3 AM.
Not the best feeling when you want to relax.
Kind regards,
Christian Schwenk
Jaunch Quartz America 10/19

We had a great stay! Couldn’t have enjoyed our time at the Rees more… also thank you for the kind sweets for our anniversary!
John and Sandy 10/19

I will break this into two sections: Accommodation and Food Beverage.
Firstly we have stayed with you two times now, both for our wedding anniversary. The first time back in 2016 was fantastic in all ways. This time there were issues as below.
Accommodation – all good here, love the room and the view speaks for itself. The staff were friendly and the service offered was good. We do not do a lot except for rest and unwind, this is why we stay with you.
Food / Beverage – We booked your restaurant for our anniversary dinner as we did in 2016. In 2016 it was amazing, great food and wine and especially great service. Not cheap but well worth the investment. This time it was very disappointing. To cut to the chase, the service was appalling. The lady waitress should not be anywhere need a restaurant of this type, more a pub bistro. From the initial greeting which was flat, to next to no follow up on any aspect of the service throughout the meal it was not good. We cut our dinner short and went upstairs instead. The only light on the night was the excellent Lamb from the chef very nice. Thank goodness I did not order a nice bottle of French red like I always do. Back in 2016 I ordered a Burgundy Grand Cru, not this time only a glass of Red. Not good for you guys either as you miss out on the higher spend. The issues continued upstairs with a mix up in terms of drinks, what we were charged and billed. Not a good night! It was not only our table either as we sat near the kitchen and heard the chef telling the waitress off for food sitting too long and also there were other guests in the restaurant who waited ages to be served, and it was not even busy.
This issue here - we spoke to your events person as we were thinking of having 15-20 people in one of your large Penthouse suites to celebrate our 10 years in 2021 which we are going to get catered. We, especially my wife, are not sure now due to what we see if the huge reduction in the quality of food/beverage which we experienced this time.
I hope the feedback allows you to make the changes needed to bring back the restaurant to what we experienced in 2016.
Greg Anderton 10/19

Good morning!
Overall we were happy of our stay at rees! But I do have couple comments.
First, the curtain in the room let the sun get in and we were awake pretty early in the morning.
Also, for breakfast we were not told about the different option offered until the 3rd day. Not only We were getting charged a hot chocolate, but none of the staff told us we were able to order one dish from the breakfast menu.
Many thanks
Best regards
Cecile 10/19
Our first stay at The Rees.
And it definetly won’t be the last!!
We were extremely impressed. From the moment we checked in with the super friendly yet professional team, the porter waiting for us in the car park to take our bags to our room, the very tidy and well maintained rooms. The attention to detail is evident in the high quality towels, bathroom features and bedding. The courtesy drop off in town was great, also having the car park not far away from your rooms.
As we were driving home I said to my husband we really couldn’t fault anything at all, everything was great!! We live in Invercargill so have stayed in various hotels in Queenstown over the years but have usually been disappointed in one aspect or another (ridiculous car park fees, unfriendly staff or our last stay was over $300 a night to have Lino on the bathroom floor!) So finally after all this time we have found somewhere where we will be returning too!!
Keep up the great work and we will see you on our next visit!!
Tracey 10/19

Hi Venkatesh
We really enjoyed staying at The Rees - beautiful rooms, amazing view and very friendly, helpful staff.
I will place a review on TripAdvisor shortly.
The Rees team members of particular note during our stay were Brittany, Jeet and Celina. Sam and Jameson were also friendly, engaging drivers of the courtesy shuttle.
Thanks again for a great stay - we’d love to come back one day.
Graeme Browne 10/19

I had a wonderful time at the beautifull The Rees and on Fjordland.
I must highlight the personal attention I've got from Deepash (is his name correct) he's not just a gentleman, but a special soul. Restaurant food snd view couldn't be better. Hope to send you good business either directly, via Pacific Planners (Cecilia Allende is my DMC) or via Expedia (their sales policy is unbeatable. Sometimes is must go).
I thank you both for the wonderful hospitality.
Best regards
Arnaldo Adnett 10/19

Thank you so much, Richard! My ankle is fine thanks. I iced it on the way to the airport which helped with the swelling.
We loved the rees and the service provided and will definitely be back.
See you then.
Jen 10/19

Hi Roman,
Just a quick note to say thank you for your extraordinary hospitality during our stay in Queenstown. It was great to see you again and we had an absolutely wonderful two weeks at the Rees!
As a greeting from the Adelaide Hills, I’m attaching two pics of our “welcoming committee” when we got home. One of them gives you a bit of an idea of the view from our place and the other — which is not crystal clear due to the zoom — lets you see the little joey in the front kangaroo’s pouch.
Have a great summer and we look forward to returning to Queenstown in March. We’ll be in touch a little while beforehand.
All the best,
Ina & Matthias 9/19

Good morning,
We had a wonderful relaxing stay at The Rees. Staff were friendly, helpful and very well presented. It was great having a full kitchen and laundry facilities in the apartment. Beautiful view of the lake!
The only downfall was no curtains! Curtains in the bedroom would have been better than blinds. The 2 blinds don't join or overlap in the middle so there is a large gap for light to come through at daybreak and curtains would make the room darker. The blinds are not ideal when you want a sleep in!
Extra blankets/duvet in the cupboard would be good too, I got up to look for some one night but there weren't any.
Kind regards,
Mrs Blair 9/19

Hi there,
I had a lovely stay thank you.
I booked via Qantas and have not received points. Could you please send through an invoice for my stay.
Thank you.
Kirsty 9/19
Fantastic hotel and service.
We really enjoyed or stay with you.
Your personnel were very friendly and helpful.
Rooms are very nice and have great views of the lake and mountains.
Keep up the good work!
Regards Danson Tolman 9/19

We had a great time staying at the Rees.
We come to Queenstown a few times a year.
Looking forward to staying touch and have another stay at the Rees.
Yoshi 9/19
Yoshinori Sakuno
Group Managing Director / MBA MDMM

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.
The hotel is a beautiful facility staffed with very helpful
professional people.
We would highly recommend it to any of our friends
Travelling to Queenstown.
Thank you again,
Mark & Vicki 9/19

Dear Sir/Mandam;
It was a nice experience to stay in your hotel. We appreciated a lot. We had used the shampoo in the hotel, it was really great for the hair. We want to know where we can buy such kinds of shampoo and conditioner. Can you tell me the brand of the shampoo and conditioner
Thanks a lot.
Yin Li 9/19

We enjoyed our stay at the Rees. The staff were lovely and friendly.
The only niggle was house keeping. We had to ask for toilet roll and coffee, also we didn’t get another milk through our stay. When we went to use it on the last night it was off.
Our room was next to the restaurant which was also quite noisy.
All in all we enjoyed our break so thank you.
Kind regards
Michelle Farmer 9/19
Thank you for the inquiry and follow-up. It is appreciated. We did have a lovely visit in Queenstown and we were very happy with our stay at the Rees Hotel. In regards to the bottle of wine, the Misha Sauvignon Blanc, I apologize sincerely that my husband accidentally took the bottle of wine from our hotel room. We had purchased wine as well during our say ad he thought that was one we bought. Please charge the fee to our card and send me a receipt for payment when time permits. Thank you kindly!
Warm Regards,
Education Consultant-Owner
Advance Tutoring Education 9/19

Hi Mark!
Been back in the office now barely a week and the jet lag is still not being nice to me hahaa!
My stay at The Rees was an absolute highlight of my trip!! You truly have a property to be extremely proud of. And the team/staff you have working there is incredible! From the moment I arrived Roman came and greeted me. Fenna at the reception was great in getting me into a room early, Maria (I’m not sure what her role was exactly) was incredibly warm and helpful and gave great dinner recommendations, Austin the evening concierge gave great breakfast recommendations and was always on hand to assist with shuttle bookings. Everyone was so kind and helpful and the service truly was impeccable.
My room was breathtaking, clean, comfortable, amazing amenities and I miss waking up to that view of Lake Wakatipu every day! From the chocolate at turn down to the lovely welcome note and sweet treats every aspect of my stay blew me away!
Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to stay and experience The Rees Mark!! I look forward to sending more and more clients your way!
Rebecca 9/19
Esplanade Travel

As usual – fantastic service from all staff! Chris actually stayed at another hotel in Queenstown subsequently (part of a chain) – and the contrast (drop in quality) was quite striking both in terms of service but also the general upkeep of the building. Keep it up!!
Tony 9/19

Everything was amazing. I do wish to ask when the $1.00 hold will come off my card please as it’s a travel card and preventing me from transferring back to Australia currency.
Michelle Hewitt 9/19

Hi Nathan, sorry I had intended to email you earlier.
The weekend was amazing and all of our guests love the Rees and the outstanding service provided -above and beyond expectations.
Thank you Nathan for being so accommodating with all the questions leading up to the event.
There’s already talk of a repeat performance .. so look out !!
Thanks again
David Smith 9/19

We had a fantastic stay at the Rees, and were a little upset to be leaving Queenstown so soon. We will be back and most likely staying with you.
A fantastic hotel with amazing views. We were well received by Richard who checked us in and helped us with our many bags, before Austin took us in to town. Our room service dinner was delightful, and I was served expertly by a very pleasant lady in reception upon departure (I forget her name but from Yorkshire, UK). The room was beautifully furnished and lovely and warm.
My wife and I are likely to be back next year, and also our parents where we’d love to stay again and take advantage of the very kind offer.
Kind regards,
Nick 9/19

My husband and I truly enjoyed our stay at the Rees. The hotel is beautiful, the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, and we were VERY sad to leave. The Rees truly felt like a home away from home. Please pass our "Thank you" to your amazing team. We hope to be back very soon!
All the best,
Pawan Ahuja 9/19

Thanks so much for a wonderful stay at The Rees, excellent rooms an wonderful staff.
A colleague sent me a gift of a dozen Three Boys Golden Ale 12x500ml bottles. Brown Box. This may have got mistakenly mixed up with your own liquor intake. Can someone please locate this, and I will call past this morning to collect.
Many thanks
Regards Tony 8/19
Tony Bish Wines

We had an absolutely amazing stay – everything was impeccable, and everyone felt very spoilt.
Can’t thank you enough for all your help with planning this trip and all the staff who helped us book taxis and transport, and made us feel incredibly welcome during our stay!
We are already planning next year’s trip to Queenstown, so I’ll be in touch again when we have the dates locked in for 2020!
Thanks again!
Best regards
Lucy Wells - Finance and Operations Manager 8/19
Keegan Adams
Dear Rees Hotel,
I am not one to use social media - I’m that one person ..
However, we loved Queenstown and were very impressed with the Rees Hotel, the service and the location of the complex. It was absolutely stunning.
We’ll be back (with friends and family next time) and when we do revisit, we will stay with you again.
Thank you for your hospitality and we are all looking forward to seeing you again!
Company Representative
Metropolitan Demolitions

Hi Ventakesh
Thanks for your email, I was unable to stay this time however my family did.
Some quick feedback from my family is that you have the hardest and cheapest toilet paper in QT, sounds like it’s time to upgrade to luxury ply to match the room rates.
My sons also thought the internet was slow and could do with an upgrade too.
Otherwise everyone had a great stay, however you’ll appreciate that the small things count, so thought you should know asap.
Best Regards
Greg Reidy 9/19
McDougall Reidy
Hey Hun
Again another awesome effort from Rees Hotel!
Brittney from the front desk I believe was super helpful tonight!
I had some urgent relocation pax and when I advised her that I was sending her my tired grumpy relocation clients her response was (paraphrasing) "Well then let me be super nice and smother them with kindness!"
She also cared enough to ask what kind of room they were previously booked in and although we knew we couldnt give the pax a Lake view, allocated the one room that had a partial lake view!
What a freaking legend! This is the kind of operator we want to work with!
Just FYI! I was on FB so I popped a little comment on their face book page but just thought I would let you pass it on next time your talking to them!
Ka Pai To Ra,
Ellie, 8/19
Assistant Team Leader
Flight Centre

Hi Venkatesh,
I would like to thank you for the fantastic hospitality we received in our stay, this is our favorite hotel when it comes to ski holiday in Queenstown,
Specifically I would like to make compliment to the house keeping crew doing an outstanding job,
Thank you again and looking forward to the next season!
Nima 8/19

Morning Roman!
Thank you for your lovely email! It was so great to be able to host you both – you do such an amazing job at the hotel so it was nice to be able to give back!
We really do appreciate all you and the team at The Rees do for us, it makes us feel as though we are at home.
Champagne debrief sounds perfect, look forward to it ??
Sarah Hewitt-Smith 8/19

Thank you. We had such a lovely time at your property and truly hope we come back for another stay. Your staff were remarkable, so warm and caring thanks for such great memories!
Kind regards,
Bernard E. Reidy 8/19

Hi Nathan,
Thank you for hosting Renee and I on our recent stay to Queenstown.
It was great to get a site inspection in aswell, thanks for your time showing us around. The Rees always receives really good feedback from our famil participants so we are looking forward to sending more your way. I enjoyed my stay and thought the shuttle service you run into town was great, this was good to experience first-hand as some markets like to really stay in the centre of the city but I think the ease and frequency of the shuttle would change their mind.
Thanks again and looking forward to catching up next next I am in Queenstown.
Whitney 8/19
Famil Operations Manager
Tourism New Zealand | Manaakitanga Aotearoa

Good Afternoon Venkatesh and The Rees Team,
I just wanted email and thank you all at The Rees for another wonderful stay.
We had a truly fantastic time which was complemented by the lovely weather and incredible views of the lake and mountains.
It was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to returning to The Rees in the future.
All the very best,
Ella Blake 8/19
Assistant Hotel Manager

Hi Micka, I want to thank you everything you and the staff have done for us on this job. It was incredibly difficult for us but our stay was great.
Thank you also for the bottle of wine for my bday. That’s a really nice touch.
Ok behalf of all my crew. Again thank you. We look forward to coming back and annoying you again...
James Moore 8/19
Managing Director & Executive Producer
Flying Fish

It was such a pleasure to meet you and all your fabulous staff. We loved every minute (despite my wee camera mishap) – Always a silver lining though, at least I have a shiny new camera.
Will start working on content over the next few weeks.
Aleney 8/19

Hi Marichou
We did enjoy the stay at Rees. It was a nice hotel. :)
Thank you very much for your kindly arrangements of the mailing. Actually I have just received the email from Pack and Send with all the details enclosed.
Wish a nice day!
Warm regards
Joyce 8/19

Kia Ora Richard,
We thank you for a lovely day visiting wineries
and the lunch at Mt Difficulty.
We had a beautiful diner at the Ortega Fish Shack.
It was a very nice and cosy restaurant with excellent food.
Thanks for your advise.
Best regards
Stephanie & Rene 8/19

We enjoyed our stay and find the Rees hospitality quite good.
One annoyance of mine and one I was just thinking about was the checkout experience. I settled the majority of the bill on my card, at a point I questioned the need for currency selection. It was during this point it was said that it's always best to pick your own currency. It was only after the transaction concluded did I start to realise this probably is not correct at all.
Given I don't have live rates and other information available to make an informed decision I'm left to the staff recommendation.
With having experienced a high level of service during our stay, one naturally feels comfortable with the advice.
Finding out afterwards irrespective of what the live rates are , there's an obvious gap that has left a little sour note for me.
May I suggest staff don't provide recommendations or at least be clearer on the variables in play that go into the conversuon.
Chris 8/19
Hi Venkatesh
Thank you for your email.
Our stay was fantastic and your facilities and room were great. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and the service was second to none.
The only feedback we have is that your hotel considers vegan food offerings for guests on your room service menu, breakfast menu and dinner menu. The town centre was absolutely crawling with vegan options, however, your hotel did not seem to cater (or advise on their menus that you could cater).
Thank you again for your follow up email and we look forward to tying with you again in the future!
Kind regards,
Tiffany Treloar 8/19

Hi Richard.
We had a good time and the juicer was well appreciated by Christina.
Thank you once again . I’ve transferred the money for the account and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.
Terry Elmsly 8/19
Managing Director
Euro City

Thank you so much for you hospitality we had a wonderful stay.
Unfortunately on arrival home we realized we left a Nikon battery charger in the kitchen and also a pair of Kathmandu ski gloves behind in our room.
I’m wondering if anyone may have found these and If I could organise to have them sent to me (at my expense of course)
Aleney 8/19

Kia Ora!
The hotel was lovely and the services superb. However, the Cadrona star gazing tour was very disappointing and too expensive for what little stars were seen especially since the hotel really pushed this tour. I know the weather is unpredictable but the tour itself was completely disorganized and improvised. A set script from the "astronomers" would be helpful while having participants stargaze from the beginning of the evening. There was far too much randomized talking and not enough stargazing. Also, the van passes right by the hotel so there is no need to go into town. They were 40 minutes late picking us up and we could barely finish dinner. Please also inform guests to dress very warmly. They provided us with ski jackets but your feet need to be protected. This has the potential to be a great tour but they need to have a set program with an educated professional that is more precise and punctual. Unfortunately this was our last night in Queenstown and we didn't get back until after 11pm when we were told differently.
I still give you guys a 10+ rating but want to spare other guests our same experience. I hope you found this helpful.
Thanks much!
Cheryl J. Powell, MD 8/19

Good afternoon Dipesh Singh.
We didn't see you before our departure from the resort, and before one more day pass by, I wanted to write and thank you for all your support given to our family with their activity planning during our stay a couple of weeks ago.
Your suggestions were awesome!? The helicopter and Jet Boat were amazing!? The heli took us up and landed on top of The Remarkables for a perfect picture opportunity.? This was the highlight of our entire trip.? What an amazing view and picture perfect opportunity.? We will never forget this experience and will definitely return to Queenstown.
You were the best by following up with us, and making sure everything was perfect for us.? You did an amazing job!
Thank you for all your considerations and support.
Wichita Villacres 7/19

We had a great stay at your hotel and I’ve written a review for you on trip advisor and Facebook which I’ll post below for you...
Everything you do is amazing.. if you can have a think about making food options better for kids that would be great. Our kids are 6 and 4 and only usually manage to eat a croissant/toast and some fruit juice for breakfast!
Thanks again for everything and a big thanks to your wonderful staff!
Lucy, Steve, Frankie and Roseanna 7/19

We spent 2 nights at the Rees with our 2 young children. The hotel is immaculately clean and they have thought of everything in the rooms to ensure that you have a lovely stay. It felt luxurious and the views of the lake are stunning. Every member of staff was helpful and friendly and went out of their way to make sure we were looked after. I have to mention Jimmy, Quentin and Adam in particular who always had a smile and spent time with us to help us out whenever we needed. The shuttle service is great as the location is a bit far out of town. Due to being far out we ended up having breakfast at the hotel. It was really good however a bit expensive and I think it would be good if they offered more options at a cheaper price as the first shuttle bus is 8am and our kids wake at 6... we were a bit stuck and had to have the breakfast there. Also they could do with having a children’s menu in the bar and restaurant as it only seems to cater for adults yet we were recommended It by flight centre as a family hotel.. and it’s great for families if they could just factor this in to the menus.

We would like to personally thank you for a fabulous stay!
We were so excited we dont remember names, but the beautiful receptionist who checked us in was amazing, we manage a 5* lodge and her hospitality was second to none.
The guys in the restaurant were so so lovely also, in-fact all your staff are out of this world!
We greatly appreciate all that was done for us and we will very highly recommend you, a very big day was made into dreams come true.
Thank you again,
Kindest regards,
Becky & Mike Harrison 7/19

Hi Richard,
Yes, sorry we didn't get to meet, and please do charge the mini bar items to that card.
We had a wonderful stay, thank you. We were probably quite low maintenance, being regular visitors to the area mainly spending time with friends and family there. Despite this, we felt really well looked after by the wonderful staff at The Rees.
Thanks once again.
Kind regards.
Randal 7/19

The credit card surcharge is excessive I offered to pay direct deposit there and then on my phone to be told it wouldn’t be much different. Disappointed with this aspect however our stay was comfortable.
Regards David. 7/19
Hi. The night at your hotel was great. The en-suite floor however was extremely hot and couldn’t be turned down...you mite want to check that.
Craig Booth. 7/19

Thank you for your email Venkatesh, we had a fantastic stay and will endeavour to review on trip advisor shortly.
Kind Regards,
Simon Hughes 7/19
General Manager
Complete Property Advertising Pty Ltd 
Dear Venkatesh,
Thanks for writing - we LOVED our time at the Rees. It was one of the nicest hotel stays we have ever had on our many vacations around the world, and would definitely recommend it to any of our friends going to Queenstown.
A special thanks to Austin at the concierge desk. He could not have been more helpful, pleasant and accommodating, and all of his recommendations were spot on. He, along with the rest of your terrific staff, made us feel very well cared for.
Warm regards,
CP 7/19

I just sent through similar words below to another email address but felt it was a great opportunity to send these words through to yourself (Duty Manager) regarding our recent stay.
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you at the Rees recently and will be recommending your property and all of the wonderful experiences, to anyone we know who may be travelling to Queenstown.
The wonderful stay was made exceptional by your hard working, dedicated, personable and very competent team across the board.
Your concierge services were second to none, in our experiences, and this team is an asset to your brand and property. Well done.
Looking forward to spending another wonderful time with you, when the next opportunity to visit Queenstown arrives!
With warm regards.
Marco and Joanna Russo 7/19

Dear Richard,
It was all great and the service was superb.
One comment regarding the view which I am not sure you can do anything about is that the trees in front if the residences are blocking the river view. It would have been more spectacular.
Many Thanks,
Amna 7/19

Good day,
Thank you so much for the wonderful stay as always. And noted on your information and will also tell my friends as well.
Best Regards,
Jacqueline Tan-Sainz 7/19
Miss Asia Pacific International
First Standard Finance Corporation
Managing Director
Sheridan Resorts

Hello Richard,
Thank you so much for your email and also for your wonderful hospitality.
We enjoyed our stay immensely and appreciated how welcoming and accommodating you were. We will absolutely book in again with you soon and pass your details on to our friends.
I am not sure if the house keeping staff keep things aside. But I accidentally left my sons small backpack in the kitchen it is a PAW PATROL one with cars in it. Would it be possible to pass this onto the Ziems family for us for them to bring home with them for us?
Again thank you so much for having us.
Kind regards,
Brittany & Geordie 7/19

Thanks so much Richard,
Love your excellent customer service,
Nima 7/19

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Rees and intend to be back next year!
The staff, service and facilities were all excellent.
By way of feedback, the breakfast buffet could be improved by keeping the cooked selections hotter and providing access to a toaster. Our mattress in Rio
6092 was very soft and left a space in the middle.
Everything else was simply perfect. Additionally, our meal in the True South restaurant last Sunday night was extraordinary. We will be recommending it!!
Kind regards,
Ailsa Dobson 7/19
Hi there
All round great stay, but have to say the system in the dining room for breakfast is terrible. Chefs are awesome, food great,staff are trying, but went there once and it took 45 mins to get an omelet. I think the issue is with the ordering system. Also doesn’t help that there isn’t a coffee machine in the breakfast room??
Kind regards
Gideon van Niekerk 7/19

Hi Richard,
Thank you for taking such great care of us throughout
our stay at the Residences and for getting up so early this morning!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the property and the service level was excellent.
Kind regards,
Sharon & Phil 7/19
Sharon Tidbury
Aspire Down Under

Hi Nga
we have really enjoyed our stay in The Rees
it was lovely
the only recommendations I would like to make are
Have in a toaster for the bread during breakfast
The Coffe by the time I get it it is cold!!!
The scramble egg should be available like all other hotels
Dr Elhassadi 7/19
Once again, we cannot thank you enough for all you do to look after us when we stay with you. I would never stay anywhere else, and have always told everyone the same. Left a glowing report last time on Trip Advisor and will do the same again this time. I left a note thanking your cleaning staff in our room, as they do an exceptional job. We absolutely love staying with you, and look forward to seeing you again next year.
Thanks so much,
Darnelle South 6/19

We had a wonderful time there and I did do a review on your facebook page yesterday. We will definitely stay there on our next trip to Queenstown.
Sent from my iPad
Bill Howard 6/19

Thank you so much for the follow up. We had a most wonderful time at the event! The food was excellent! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet you.
Our only feedback for the event would be that we wished we had a list of the wines we were trying to guide us as we went along. We understand the chef wanted to keep the food a surprise, but having a list of the wines and the vineyards would’ve been helpful to us.
Jessica 6/19

Hi Richard.
I do sincerely appreciate that. We were genuinely shocked when we got your email.
For us it was not about the money. From the moment we arrived both Sarah and I commented on what an immaculate room it was and we went out of our way to ensure that our kids treated it with the upmost respect.
In fact I was surprised to find out the hotel was built 10 years ago. It is in such amazing condition, a credit to your cleaning standards.
I agree that your high standards and procedures are what made it such a wonderful experience for us and a joy to stay there. We left on Friday already talking about when we could come back.
Again, thank-you Richard for your understanding. Your quick attention and resolution of this matter has ensured our wonderfull stay has not been tarnished in any way.
Kind Regards,
Travis & Sarah 6/19

Dear Nga Mihi Nui and Venkatesh, and Roman
It was so nice to meetv you and to discover the Rees. Thank you so much for all your kind attention and it is great to finally see the hotel
Ver sure that we shall send our clients for a stay in Queenstown
We keep in touch
And we shall do the facebook and instagram
Kind regards
Patrick & Hector 6/19
Patrick Monney & Héctor Fuentes Magallanes
Travelquest Viajes

Thank you. It was a wonderful stay at your hotel. Your staff are especially good with a special reference to Rosion, Marie and Quinton.
Our room was lovely.
Marilyn Turk 5/19
Hi Mark,
Just a note to let you know what a lovely time I had at the Rees last week. The accommodation, food, service, weather, and of course those views out over the lake were all spectacular. I already let the McKechnie family know what a wonderful time I had.
I'm happy you had the chance to meet Harrison and hope one of these days we might all have a chance to get a drink together. Thanks again, and take care,
Alex 5/19

Dear Roman,
Thanks for taking time to have a chat.
I just noticed a large "burn" mark on my dining table. No doubt caused by a pot left there. It had been hidden under the fruit bowl!
I must mention that the shuttle service is always much appreciated. Brook and the other driver were punctual and helpful.
So good to see Brittany and Lauren holding the fort at this low season.
Great service from Roisin, Jithin and Aria at True South. The flavors in Ben's creations never fail to amaze me!
The violin competition lived up to it's high standards. I am glad the weather also dried up a bit so that I could take some bracing walks, and a boat trip to Mt Nicholas Station.
All the best for a good ski season!
Vivien 5/19

Good morning
Just quick reply to this email , yes for the very short time ( Overnight ) I stayed at The Rees I will be certainly returning
I was in 1082 great room for a first time , know where next visit I will be staying
I do come to Queenstown a lot so next visit I will be staying with you .
Lachlan McDonald 5/19

Hi Venkatesh,
We really enjoyed our stay at the Rees, and would definitely come back when next in Queenstown. While the rooms were excellent, as expected, we found the highlight to be the interaction with Rees staff. Everyone we met went out of their way to be as helpful as possible.
Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to them for making our brief stay so memorable.
Rob Black 5/19

Hi Venkatesh and all staff,
Thank you very much for your five star hotel service and gold standard to keep number one resort in Queenstown. During my stay, all your teams provided me hassle free amazing hospitality services.
I thought your high quality service looked very similar to the worldwide well known hotels, The Ritz-Carlton Osaka and Tokyo, which I was working before joining The Rees team.
Mac Nitta 5/19

Hi Venkatesh
Thanks for the email. As ‘always’ when we stay @ The Rees it is truly SUPERB!!
This time was our first in a hotel room and on the 3rd floor, still very lovely & nothing can take the view away.
Again the reception team of Brittany’s peers are just lovely to chat to.
This time having breakfast, I need to mention Jeet and Hubert – very, very lovely and a credit to the hotel to have such soft/genuinely helpful/humble people.
Till next time
Kind regards
Nicky Butler 5/19
Residential Sales
I had a fantastic stay, the staff were so welcoming and attentive and the apartment was so clean. I really enjoyed the view and the chocolate treat each night topped it off. ??
Best wishes,
Megan Gaudry 5/19

I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic stay. The room was fantastic - spotless and such lovely facilities. Also the service and staff were outstanding! We have stayed in another hotel in Queenstown and your service absolutely stood out by miles! Thank you for making our stay special (especially as it was part of our honeymoon!) I’ll happily leave you a glowing review on tripadvisor if helpful! ??
Thanks so much!
Laura 5/19

Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for you hospitality during our recent stay at the Rees. Your staff were outstanding!
I wonder if you found an iPad (2) charger and Lead in Room 3072 after we checked out on the 10th May?
If at all possible could please send it to 22 Cherrie Rd Beachlands 2018.
Thanks heaps,
Nick Findlay (Husband of Lee Maisey) 5/19

I loved the venison and tamarillo, that’s a superb combination. Gab loved the scallops. She’s a bit of a foodie and thought it was great across the board. Awesome stuff.
Team were genuinely lovely. Really care about what they were presenting and wanted to be sure we loved it. Ambience was nice n warm, great setting.
A sincere thanks from us, a super nice treat. Please know very much appreciated.
Talk more soon.
Kind regards, Ben. 5/19
Asia Tourism Business Development | Tourism360 Advisory

We very much enjoyed our stay at the Rees in Queenstown, great place, great staff, great service.
We do plan to return to New Zealand and will include a stay at the Rees.
Perhaps the only comment/regret is the we did not eat in your restaurant at dinner, should you promote it a little more?
Ian and Pam Smith 4/19
Hey Lauren, great that you received it and that you luckily enjoy bubbles as much as we do!!! You were lovely and gave us some great tips. So enjoy!!  
Jane xx 4/19

Hi Nathan,
Once again we have been provided with a terrific dining experience, everything was top service and food just perfect so well presented
Ferdnando and Eugine not sure of the other girls name just looked after us so well both during our dinner and with drinks as members arrived they were friendly and helpful.
(not sure of the spelling of the names)
Mathew introduced himself to me as I arrived and he was amazing just making sure we were looked after and the food was presented well, also checking to see if all was okay.
All members were going home very happy with having dined well and had had a wonderful evening.
Thanks for all your input and help to giving us a great evening .
Kind Regards
Ella 4/19

Dear Richard
Thank you and Fiona and staff for looking after us. I enjoyed the hotel and our stay. I am pleased that we were not right in the town centre!
The location is good with the views and the convenience of the shuttle and water ferry makes it very easy to get in to the town centre.
I always suggest the hotel to my clients and am now pleased to have seen it and confirmed what I believed.
The new residences are lovely and I have a family who may be coming to ski again this year. I am waiting for them to finalise.
We had such difficulty choosing which colour of the mohair yarn to buy. They all looked so good and very hard to resist. I hope to get started this weekend. I will be ready for the cold Queenstown then!
Thank you very much for making our stay so enjoyable and all the tips. Looking forward to drinking my Chard Farm wine!
With best regards
Alicia Philips 4/19
Orbit World Travel
Double Bay

We visited your hotel for 3 nights and enjoyed it very much. The room was spacious, clean and well appointed. We felt very comfortable there and really appreciated the fire place on a chilly rainy day. Specifically we would like to highlight two of your team members who went out of their way to help us with our stay.
Dipesh, Concierge, helped us virtually every day with activity arrangements and directions. We needed a brief visit to a local doctor and he quickly ensured we had all the information we needed. He was very welcoming and friendly – always a smile. We really appreciated all he did to make us feel welcome at the Rees hotel.
Kitchen staff – We had an early morning to catch a bus ride to an activity and we needed breakfast before the room service times delivered. The staff spoke with the kitchen who were able to come in early and make a breakfast and deliver to our room early in the morning. We really appreciated their flexibility and willingness to open early due to our schedule. It really helped get us off to a great start!
All of the staff members we interacted with were very friendly and helpful.
Thank you for making our stay in Queenstown so fun!
Randy & Linda Chapin 4/19

Always a fantastic place to stay - this was our 10th Visit.
Bryan van den Burgh 4/19

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Rees and this is the second time we have had the pleasure of staying here. The views of Kelvin Heights and Remarkables was stunning. The apartment was excellent and my compliments to staff, especially housekeeping. The Rees will be our preferred place to stay when we visit Queenstown again.
Thank you.
Kathy Ling.4/19

Thank you much for the prompt clarification. We loved the hotel and service and will stay again in a future Queenstown holiday.
Erik Hummel 4/19
Had a fabulous time as always
Could you please remind me of my daughters booking in July and what other days are also available in July.
Kind regards
Terry McBride 4/19
McBride Legal

Good morning,
Thank you for asking for some feedback about our recent stay with you. We all enjoyed the beautiful apartment and were very comfortable.
On our first morning there was some confusion and embarrassment in the restaurant when we arrived for breakfast and were told we hadn’t booked to have it. I was able to discuss the issue later that evening with your reception staff and confirm that I had included that in my booking. At this point I was told that there were extra charges on our bill from the mini bar which was a surprise to hear as we had not used anything.
I did have an unpleasant experience in the shower when I slipped over and bumped my head and elbow. I think that it would be safe practice to provide a none slip mat for your guests to use if they want to.
Finally, on checking out the balance presented was incorrect- it still included the mimi bar items we hadn’t used and also an extra charge for 3 breakfasts on one day. Your reception staff were initially puzzled but did get to the bottom of the discrepancy after a short investigation.
I hope this feedback was helpful.
Kind regards,
Juliet Nicholls 4/19

Thank you for getting back.. we loved your property !.. We were however a little disappointed with the dining experience. It was expensive with a limited selection and the service extremely slow ..Evert other hotel we stayed at over the course of 3 weeks has had breakfast included and at least the non alcoholic beverages complimentary in the room..At breakfast we were in a rush and I had a piece of toast and a coffee and it was $23.00. We felt that
With the quality of your property that at least a couple bottle waters should be a bare minimum..
Just thought you might wasn’t some feed back from a seasoned traveler.
Thank you for your hospitality..
Best ,
Fix family 4/19
Just wanted to say thanks again for the donation of the accommodation package again.
Our auction was a success and we raised $28,195 on the night which is just shy of taking 5 of the 24 children away on our annual trip.
I asked for a photo on the night as I didn't attend but due to the way the auction went they were unable to get. I have asked if we can still try and get a photo of the winner and voucher still so I am working on that.
Kind Regards
Fiona Rowan 4/19
Koru Care Christchurch

Now that’s not nice nearly gave me a heart attack ......
Shame we have to go home it’s been lovely and you have all been
Fab so yes it’s a shame ........ lol thanks for letting us know
Lara Gunn 4/19
Hi Mark.. my family party of seventeen have just concluded a most enjoyable stay once again at the Rees.. We all commented how the service on the front desk had greatly improved since our last visit..eg, friendliness, willingness and competency of staff..as usual the housekeeping staff presented us with an immaculate unit..we appreciated the “welcome back” note with the accompanying sweets.. always a nice touch. We will definitely be making a return visit later in the year as the Rees is the only place we consider when holidaying in Queenstown..
Many thanks for a most enjoyable stay.
Nancy Ferris 4/19

Dear Richard,
Thank you so much for your great support of JTB NZ.
I would also like to thank you for the inspection you arranged for me 19 and 20 APR 2019.
I appreciate having had an opportunity to learned about The Rees Residences and a lot of product from the inspection.
Your services and The Rees Residences were absolutely amazing and one of my greatest memories in NZ.
In the future, I will proactively recommend customers who come to the our company, and I will strive to promote sales for customers.
Again, Thank you so much for arranging inspection for us.
We hope you will continue to do business with us in the future.
Kind regards,
Mayumi Harada 4/19

Good morning
Once again we enjoyed our stay the Rees – although this time it was for two nights only.
Arun was very helpful on arrival and with our booking as well.
Also I left my iPad behind and the staff were helpful in returning it to me.
Looking forward to future stays.
Kind regards
Anne-Marie and David Hunter 4/19

We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a beautiful apartment which was fabulous. Your reception staff were the friendliest I have ever come across. I’m sorry I didn’t get their names.
If we are ever come back to NZ we will be certain to stay again
Many thanks
Alison 4/19
I would just like to pass on my clients comment “Queenstown was our favorite. Hotel was terrific and the service staff there was superb. Special treatment by Arun and Lauren, but everyone great. Please pass along my compliments to the management at the Rees.”
Thank you for taking such good care of our clients ??
Have a great weekend!
Summer Notredame 4/19
Vacation Coordinator
Amazing New Zealand Itineraries

It was a fabulous stay and thank you for the kind offer of putting wine in the room for referrals of friends. We are great fans of the Rees (obviously) and this visit gave us many more positive things to say in promoting it with our friends and acquaintances.
I particularly want to thank Fenna for showing me the owners storage area in our flat. I wondered if you could advise me of the dimensions of the room as I am thinking of putting some shelving in it on my next visit.
With best regards,
Stephen Maloy 4/19

Just a belated note to sincerely thank Caroline, one of your lovely staff members who assisted us during our stay on March 20th. My partner left his phone in our Uber and Caroline was so helpful and resourceful in working with us to track it down (despite the fact that the hotel had not made the booking for us!).
We really loved our stay at The Rees, and can't wait to come back. In the meantime, we will definitely be recommending The Rees to everyone we know who heads down to Queenstown.
Best regards,
Allyson Johnson 3/19
Thank you so much, Euan! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the bike trip was the perfect way to kick it off.
Jocelyn Stargel 3/19
PS. The pics are great!

Hi Brittany
A courier driver arrived with a package for me early this evening . I live very rurally so it was delivered late.
It doesn't have any return address but it contains my clothes.
I'm so relieved to have them and I so appreciate all your help.
Thank you sooo... Much but some kind person must have packed them up and posted them.
If it is one of your staff I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Many thanks and King regards
Cherry. 3/19

Dear Mr Chowdary
My friends and I had a beautiful Queenstown break at the Rees. We four met at school 60 years ago. As we have reached the Golden Years we decided to treat ourselves to some well earned luxury in your establishment.
What a joy. Everything was perfect. Fabulous meal with spectacular views, an apartment that had everything we required.( the only thing that we four 'shorties' found was we had trouble getting crockery down from those super high cupboards )The shuttle service was superb.
We found all the staff were very friendly as well as efficient.
Thank you all for making our 'Gold Card Gals' trip very enjoyable and memorable.
Kindest regards,
Cherie Fletcher 3/19

Hi I put my review on Trip advisor and Many thanks once again,
Kind Regards
Nicky Watherston 3/19

We absolutely loved our time at The Rees Hotel this month. Every staff person we interested with was charming, friendly, helpful, and professional. Our 2 bedroom executive lake-view apartment made our visit to Queenstown the perfect way to end our first trip to New Zealand. It was so comfortable and beautiful. We didn’t have a car so we really appreciated the shuttle and water taxi service. We look forward to staying at The Rees when we return.
Cathryn Kuchta 3/19
Thank you we absolutely loved our stay at The Rees Hotel, the staff were amazing, they went out of their way to make our stay perfect and our apartment fabulous, cant thank you all enough,
Kind Regards
Nicky Watherston (Please could you pass these comments onto your Manager and CEO. 3/19

Good evening
Thank you for your email on our return from holidays.
We had a lovely time in Queenstown and surrounds. Our stay at The Rees Hotel was most pleasant
and what a lovely gesture of my birthday card and sweets a very nice touch. We enjoyed dinner
in the restaurant beautiful food and excellent service. We also had room service a couple of nights
as my husband wasn't 100% and nothing was too much trouble which we appreciated.
Overall a lovely stay and must say all the staff were excellent, so friendly and nothing a bother.
Will certainly recommend The Rees Hotel to any friends visiting.

Noreen and Wayne Miller 3/19

Thank you Venkatesh, our visit was great.
The hotel was very good.
The restaurant food was delicious. The staff were excellent.
Malcolm 3/19

It was incredible. We will definitely be returning. We will leave a review on trip advisor for you. Thank you for an excellent stay.
Steve Warner 3/19

Dear Sirs
We enjoyed our stay at your Hotel and I apologise that I forgot to mention the wine and nuts we took from the mini bar. Please take payment for them.
Many thanks.
Jo Teare 3/19

The Reed was a high point among so many during our honeymoon in New Zealand. Maria, Euan, and Deva were exceptional in our room upgraded, special attention to details in our bookings and extra care with breakfast and a gift in our room! They all deserve recognition and probably a promotion!
John 3/19
John Tagliamonte

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you and found all staff very accommodating, your position
ideal and the views were amazing!
Just one small observation by way of feedback, whilst it was not an issue for us, the construction
works adjacent to your hotel could have been an irritation to some and perhaps prior advisories
through the agents may be a suggestion.
Thanks for a great stay!!
Kind regards
Les Knight 3/19

We really enjoyed our stay with you. Your hotel is fantastically located with wonderful views but the most outstanding memory is the efficiency, politeness and friendliness of your staff. Without exception everybody went out of their way to make us feel special and welcome. We have travelled a lot and your hotel stands out as one of the very best we have stayed at. Thank you for making our stay so memorable.
Very best wishes
Martin & Linda Horsler 3/19

Thank you for a wonderful stay, we enjoyed top class comfort and service.
Helen and Robin Farrar 3/19

To whom it may concern,
My husband and I stayed the Rees Queenstown during out honeymoon. Over the course of our trip, we stayed at 4 different placed but the Rees was our definite favorite. The view of the lake was spectacular. We ate multiple items from room service and everything was tasty and well done. The staff was very helpful and accommodating. We will highly recommend the Rees to any friends who are planning to stay in New Zealand. Thank you for a memorable stay!
The Curcis 3/19

Hi Nathan.
Thank you for touching base. We had a very successful stay and the service provided by all of your team, including yourself, was top class.
You catered to our many needs over the two days with cheerful helpfulness and efficiency and for that we are very grateful.
The amenities of the property and the individual rooms were well thought out and of a high quality throughout.
The confusion with the penthouse room was a breakdown in communication at our end. Logan had been there before and I had not, so I think what he was describing and what I thought he meant were two different things. Regardless, we had a great trip.
When you do have a moment, if you can please send me a GST invoice so I can complete my expense claim for the month, that would be great.
I hope to see you all again in the near future.
Kind regards
Mel 3/19

Melissa Martin
Personal Assistant
To Logan Munro, General Manager – Auckland/Northland
BNZ Bank
Hi Mark
I’m so sorry as I meant to call you and speak over the weekend….but we were having so much fun (or dealing with either a 6yr old, 4.5 yr old or 4yr old meltdown…..they seem to run one after the other rather than all at once??!!!)
And I think you are in Oz now?
Mum was just blown away with the whole weekend which was so cool. But also her comments about The Rees I really loved too – given she loves her luxury lodges, leading hotels of the world etc etc….she thought Kauri Cliffs was ‘pretty good’!!!
She said ‘this is really a 5 star’! Yay!!! ??
All were blown away by your team in all areas and the functionality of the apartment was just perfect. Even the parking was incredible – the lift downstairs right beside us lol!!
Especially for us, having my cousin a little removed and upstairs but all the doors open to each other – PERFECT!!
And my goodness, the gifts in our room when we walked in – so generous, thank you very much!
No negatives or niggles at all which was so great.
I can’t thank you enough – I knew it was good but we all sit with held breath when we bring ‘outsiders’ into our world – and they all loved it ??
Now I must take YOU for dinner sometime soon – though with us both travelling….goodness knows.
Thank you so much xx
Anna Black 3/19
Executive Director

Thank you for a wonderful stay.
We had an amazing time with you and your staff were wonderful. We are recommending friends to visit your hotel and are considering booking with you again for next year.
Seb 3/19

Thanks so much! We will recommend the Rees to family and friends!
Christine Marx, Esq. 3/19
Thank you! We really liked the Rees. The hotel was beautiful and the room was very modern and comfortable. We loved the free shuttle and encourage you to keep that. Everyone was very friendly.
One of the elevators was out of order the while time were there. It would have been nice to have two working elevators. The buffet breakfast was nice. The espresso maker did not make the best coffee so it would have been nice to be able to order better quality lattes or cappuccinos. These are minor things. Overall a great experience!
Christine Marx, Esq. 3/19

Dear Nathan,
Thank you for having us the other day.
We enjoyed the food and very satisfied with services by your staffs.
Our chairman specially love fluffy cheese from Akaroa, if I am not wrong.
The message dessert was fantastic!
Look forward to work with you in the future.
Best Regards,
Gheni 3/19

Hi Brittany & Jithin,
I would like to thank you both for going over & beyond to retrieve my bag & making my stay super comfortable.
I would also like to thank your entire team- front desk, kitchen, room service, hospitality departments for doing their best.
To make a few- Marichou, Quentin, Paige, Jimmy, Brook, Nathan, Alice & Jeet.
Sorry- cant recall the rest-everyone’s efforts greatly appreciated.
Thanks all.
Shobha Mirchandani 2/19

Thank you for your follow up email. We had the most wonderful stay thank you . We were impressed from our arrival to the moment we left. Your staff are so helpful and friendly. We would certainly recommend you to our friends or family. Tha accommodation was excellent always clean and the views were amazing. The restaurant was particularly good, the staff especially Rosie and the staff went the extra mile and made it a memorable experience for us staying over in Queenstown .
Thank you once again
Sally and John Housley 2/19

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Rees and will certainly recommend it to anyone we know traveling to Queenstown. Service was excellent and the views from our balcony were spectacular.
Kim Bailey 2/19

Dear Vengatesh - we thoroughly enjoyed our 4 nights at your beautiful hotel and apartments. We will absolutely stay with you again the next time we visit Queenstown and will highly recommend to any friends traveling your way. 

Cheers. Steve 2/19

We had a wonderful stay and will definitely recommend friends in the future! Please give our many thanks to Fabricio for all the extra help to make our stay at The Rees amazing!
Thanks again,
Connie and Adam 2/19
Hi Venkatesh,
We had a lovely stay.
As I mentioned at checkout, housekeeping did not lock our door on the second day, so we returned to our room after a day at Milford Sound to find the door resting open.
Matt 2/19

Please do charge my card for the additional mini bar charges.
Please know that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Rees.
It’s a lovely facility with a magnificent view. Most of all I would like to commend the staff for the friendly and gracious service. The service was impeccable. And finally, I would like to compliment the restaurant staff for finding a way to fit me in when I neglected to make reservations. The food was also exceptional.
I will certainly recommend The Rees to my friends and business associates who travel to Queenstown.
Thank you,
Alucchini Lucchini 2/19

Hi Venkatesh,
Thank you for your email, we had a lovely time staying at The Rees and will definitely be recommending the hotel to our friends and family travelling to Queenstown. The service we received from your staff was fantastic, a special shout out to Nathan who drove us to and from town and came to say hi the next day when we were having a coffee in the lounge.
It was great to see the steps the hotel is taking towards becoming more environmentally friendly, eg providing laundry powder, dishwashing detergent, etc in containers rather than single use plastic sachets. However, we had some minor suggestions that may help towards this goal which we noticed during our stay.
1. Dishrack - it would be helpful to provide a dishrack in the kitchen to allow guests who don’t always want to use the dishwasher
2. Clothes airer - similarly, it would be helpful to provide a clothes airer so not using the dryer is an option. Alternatively, having a few available for use hotel-wide and a note saying that these items can be requested by guests for use if needed
The other things we noticed were actually to do with the servicing of the apartment. On the first day, we left our clean dishes and cutlery drying on the counter but found when we returned to our room that the lot had been put into the dishwasher and cleaned again. On the second day, we loaded the dishwasher and started it before we left, only to find that when we were returned later, it had been put on to clean the lot again. Our towels were replenished every day, whereas we had left them on the racks to indicate we were happy with them not being changed. My shower cap which I had left drying on the sink for re-use was disposed of. It seems silly to be noting the overzealous nature of the cleaning, however we also try to do what we can for the environment when we travel so notice these little things.
Hoping to be able to stay with you again in the future!
Kind Regards,
Dunkan and Debbie 2/19
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Rees.
The staff were all very helpful and friendly .
Our concierge Graeme was particularly
helpful. In the restaurant the staff were all very
good but one in particular was outstanding
and she made our stay very enjoyable. I am not
certain of the spelling of her name but she was
Irish Roslini I think.
Our room was terrific but it would have been
very handy to have two luggage racks
rather than just one and a coffee table
would have been very handy for room service
or just our drinks.
We would certainly recommend your hotel
to our friends.
Many thanks
Heather and Ted Johansen 2/19

Dear Sir,
The hotel was great. The staff too.
From arrival to departure they were helpful and “not in your face” type of way which is something I always look for while traveling.
This was a 35th anniversary trip for my wife and I from Boston to SF, Sydney, NZ, Tahiti and Los Angeles.
We both agreed that your hotel and Queenstown were at the top of the list as far as where we would go back to!
Thanks again for making it so memorable.
Steve Igo 2/19

Excellent apartment and service thank you so our stay was very memorable. Only comment would be a lack of non stick frying pan in the kitchen !!
Neil Aitchison BSc FRICS
Aitchison Raffety

Thanks, we had a great stay. I see that the 1 dollar you took on my credit card is on my latest statement, and assume you will cancel or refund this as I paid a separate amount for the only additional charge I was due, i.e. the booking of our voyage on the TSS Earnslaw.
Yours sincerely,
Nigel Boldero 2/19

Hi Nathan:
Thanks so much to you and your staff for a great stay. Everyone loved our time in QT. Hope to see you again sometime in the near future!
Terri Rice 2/19
Everything was excellent! The staff, facilities, room, and food.
One suggestion...we had the one bedroom apartment #3091. We could not find a garbage can in the kitchen.
Patrick Grove 2/19

Thanks Nathan – we had a fantastic conference. All ran like clock work and the service we received from yourself was outstanding.
Thanks again, Simon 2/19
Simon Miller
South Islnd Manager
Physcology Group

A superb property! Overall experience was excellent. Staff were very friendly and helpful - particular kudos to Fabrizio and Paige.
One major negative, and two minor ones.
1. My wife and I were travelling with friends and expected that the bedrooms in the Executive Lakeview two Bedroom apartment would be of equal size/facility. It was disappointing to find that the apartment was better suited to a two adult & two child guest group. A description of what we would find would have been helpful.
2. The shower water pressure in our upstairs bathroom was very poor, and the temperature varied quite significantly - didn’t seem to be related to other water usage inside the apartment.
3. The care which has been taken with the design/fit-out of the apartment and the premises overall is let down by the untidiness of the various power/AV cords under the TV in the sitting area.
Once again, overall we were very pleased with our choice of the Rees, and would certainly recommend to friends.
Chris Gamlin 2/19

We just finished our stay at the Rees Hotel in suite 606. The hotel staff, dining room, location and facilities were outstanding - with one exception. The ventilation in the bedrooms was nonexistent which made sleeping difficult. This situation must be remedied in order to make Rees a truly five star hotel. Despite the shortcomings, I would recommend the hotel.
Michael Katz 1/19

Staff service and hotel were both excellent...we have advised our travel company accordingly.
Martin Jeater 1/19

Thank you, I will share some photos. I have already written my 5 star review on trip advisor as well. We had a great experience!!
Keith Hodge 1/19
Having stayed at the Rees in January 2017 we had to include Queenstown and the Rees on
our return visit and we shall certainly recommend the Rees to any friends visiting
New Zealand,
Thank you.

Ann and Neil Meldrum 1/19

Dear Duty Manager
I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for helping to make our stay in Queenstown very special. To Arun in particular who was excellent. His very personal response to all our queries and requests could not be faulted.
The hotel suited our needs perfectly and the view was simply stunning. What would have put the icing on the cake would have been a pool.
The breakfast was perfect and any requests we had were met. Once again the staff were friendly and a pleasure to be around.
I would love to return at some point in the future.
Best wishes for the season.
Trevor Woods 1/19

I have stayed at your hotel 3 times and loved every stay.I will certainly recommend it to my friends
Peter Jones 1/19

We had a really good stay at the Rees. All interaction with Rees staff was pleasant and we enjoyed the restaurant in particular (we cancelled a dinner in town to have a second dinner with you).
We also appreciated the safe parking in the garage and your concierge services.
Thank you
Anders Tapper 1/19

We had a most enjoyable stay at The Rees , impeccable service from the entire team .
Views sensational & rooms were cleaned spotless & replenished everyday .
Special mention to Graham from concierge who patiently assisted us with our activities all of which lived up to the expectations.
I celebrated a special birthday milestone and the cake, champagne and chocolates just delightful.
Looking forward to returning some day soon.
Thank you for the special memories that will be cherished.
Kind regards
Rosanna & Paolo D'Este 1/19

Thank you very much. Overall we loved our stay and want to return at some stage with our 2 daughters(who live in Sydney).
One thing that wasn’t good-I mentioned it when we checked out-was when we came back from a very long day at Milford sound on Friday we just wanted a quick drink in the bar, room service food(we knew it took 45 minutes as had used before) and sleep!. Staff in the bar area seemed a bit stressed and the drink took longer. We ordered our food before going back to our room. After more than 50 minutes nothing so rang reception who said it would be another 15 minutes. Bearing in mind it was a sandwich and spaghetti they obviously hadn’t started it. By this time we were pushing 10pm and were too tired so cancelled it and went to sleep. Woke up hungry but checked out and went up to mcd’s for quick brekkie before hitting the road!
Anyway as I said wouldn’t stop us from returning
Ian and Anne 1/19

Hi Mark and Richard,
How are you?
I want to thank you for the great time we had at The Rees in Queenstown.
The room was very nice and comfortable.
Melissa had a delicious birthday cake and we really appreciated you taking the time to organize it.
Regarding the activities, Richard and his team took excellent care of us and I am really glad he
Suggested the fly-cruise-fly option to Milford, as the views from above were amazing.
We also had a lot of fun at the Earnslaw and the gourmet BBQ and enjoyed it very much.
Finally, everyone in the staff was great. Fabrizio and Fiona helped to
make our stay at the Rees so special.
Many thanks again and hope to see you soon in Brazil.
Best regards
Ronaldo 1/19

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for sending this through. Everything went smoothly and the venue was outstanding.
I called and arranged for someone to post the charger back, as we couldn’t make it back in time.
Thanks for your proactive approach during the process. I’d certainly recommend The Rees Hotel to anyone looking for a venue in Queenstown.
Kind regards,
Nick de Jonge 1/19
Crystal Payroll

Could you tell me the brand of your amazing beds!
And your shower rose
They both impressed us
Kind regards
Nadine Topp 1/19
Slave in Captivity
Brendale Commercial & Industrial

it has been pleasure staying at your hotel. thank you all for all your kindness. especially Quentin and Carolina. see you next time
ali zayed almarri 1/19

We had a truly delightful stay at the Rees. By way of feedback to help you I would point out x2 areas for improvement.
1. We found the warmers for the breakfast buffet not very efficient and the breakfast was a bit cold. On one day the heater under the tomatoes had gone out completely.
2. We were told at checkout that it was a universal policy of the Bank of New Zealand to charge 2.5% for credit card use. I believe you should make your clients aware of this at booking or at least at check-in. I am currently staying at The Naumi Hotel in Auckland airport where the credit card charge is 1.5% so this cannot be universally the charge across NZ. I had no option by the time I reached checkout, but had I known in advance I had NZD3000 which ahead of staying with you, I arranged to be transferred to my Euro account. I would have retained that to pay my hotel bill. Credit card charges are no longer legal within the EU or UK.
That aside I would recommend your hotel and will look forward to staying again next time we visit Queenstown.
Nick Geary 1/19

Hi Richard,
Happy New Year!
Thanks for touching base . We really enjoyed our stay at The Residences last year and will certainly be looking to book again.
However until Audi secure their dates for the 2019 winter program we wont know when exactly we will be coming.
I will be in touch as soon as I can ??
Laura Martin

Thank you!
We really enjoyed our stay at the Rees hotel, it made Queenstown the highlight of our honeymoon in New Zealand.
On a separate note, it occurred to me that I did not yet receive the invoice for the stay. Would it be possible to get it sent again?
Abdulla 1/19

Thank you for your email, i had a very good time. And please go ahead and deduct the amount $NZD 28.50 from the same card you have.
Jarrah AlMani 1/19

Hi there
You have a great hotel in a stunning location with great views. So most of the feedback is very positive.
The staff are personable and informed, and always willing to help.
The only constructive feedback I would give is to provide a bit of training to your young breakfast staff. They are delightful young people but come across as untrained. They are a super bunch so I hope this is taken in a positive way to make the experience even better.
 A few examples below:
- not spotting that the stack of plates is missing on the continental side, so guests are taking croissants in glasses.
- consistency of service (sometimes asking what coffee you want and other times assuming)
- sometimes being a bit too keen to please and getting a bit close to the guests, forgetting personal space.
And Yes, we will certainly recommend your hotel.
Arjun 1/19

Great hotel! Our accomodations were perfect for 5 adults!!! Loved the rooms with the 2nd floor
Mary Langhenry 1/19

We thoroughly enjoyed our time staying at the Rees & the apartment with its views was absolutely fantastic and we won’t hesitate to stay with you again or recommend you for that matter. We thought the facilities provided at the Rees was great especially the shuttle service.
We would like to make special mention of Sam the Concierge. We encountered Sam on our arrival and he assisted us with all our luggage and gave us a run down on the apartment. We were also fortunate enough to have Sam as the shuttle driver on several occasions and his interaction with guests & his local knowledge of the area & restaurant recommendations was brilliant. Sams attitude, customer service & professionalism was absolutely outstanding and a credit to the Rees.
Best wishes for 2019 and we really do look forward to returning to Queenstown and staying at the Rees at some stage in the future.
Kindest regards
Paul and Toni Fry 1/19

Thank you so much. We had a lovely time at the Rees. Everything in the room was lovely and the staff was friendly , esp. Sam, Fiona, Arun and Lucy ( I maybe wrong about the name , but the lady in short bob) and the concierge. All of you and the rest of the staff made our stay memorable. When we were checking out , my son asked me if there are any other Rees hotel anywhere else and if there is one, then can we go there ?. So yes, we would love to come back.
Just FYI, this email is sent to us but the names are wrong. We are Manisha And Sanjay Pipalia and we were in Rm:514 5.1 and my sister and her family Bavishi's were in Rm: 513 5.1.
Thank you,
Manisha Pipalia 1/19

Good morning,
Loved the apartment and views
Wonderful ,prompt and courteous service by all members of staff
My wife and I are alkready thinking about returning later in the year
I would have no hesitation in recommending the Rees
Yours sincerely,
Paul Placanica 1/19

Thanks for yr mail, our stay was excellent and we had a lovely time.
Best regards
Federico Grozovsky | Director 1/19

It was great we loved your hotel and the view from our balcony and all the staff were lovely, but not Queenstown so much too busy.
Dianne Bullen 1/19

Dear Venkatesh,
Thank you for your email, we had a really fantastic stay. We were initially unhappy with the room we had been allocated (directly on the driveway) so the staff took the time to show us several other rooms until we found one we liked. We were not trying to be difficult and were very very grateful for the beautiful room we were able to stay in. The fact the apartment had a washing machine was an added bonus.
We dined in the restaurant on our first night and loved the food & view.
We also loved the fact there was a ferry straight into town – so handy!!
Overall we had a wonderful stay – it was our first time in Queenstown so it really kicked off our holiday in style.
Thank you to you and your staff once again.
Very best regards,
Rebecca 1/19

Hi there
Thanks for the email, we had a lovely stay at the Rees! We did have some feedback - the room became rather hot and stuffy overnight and without air conditioning we wanted to keep the doors and window open. The problem being that this meant the roller blinds banged and clattered all night, which kept us awake. The only other options was a very noisey fan. I think a heat pump or other form of AC in the room would have made an enormous difference to our enjoyment of our stay. Alternatively, to have curtains instead of the blinds so they didn’t bang.
Kind regards
Emma 1/19

We had a great stay at your hotel and hope to be back someday. The rooms were so nice and spacious, truly better than any other pace we stayed on our trip.
Doug Post 1/19

We enjoyed very much our stay in your beautiful hotel. The service and apartments were excellent. The only disagreement was the very long shut dow of the wifi. I called at 7am to signal it and had a very professional answer saying that it was being worked. At noon it was still out which I find unacceptable for the hotel standing. Hope this is a good learning fo the hotel.
Beautiful location! Keep it remarkable.
Bruno Preaux 1/19

Thank you for a great stay at your hotel! We checked out on Saturday the 5th and stayed in room 2062. We left a few shirts inside of the closet. Were they found by housekeeping? If so can we arrange for them to be shipped back to the US?
Kristen Petersen 1/19

I appreciate the email. Fortunately, Brittany was incredibly helpful and assisted us with finding a temporary place to stay and making a new reservation at the Rees. We do plan to dispute the charge and a statement verifying what happened would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all the wonderful customer service we have received.
Robert 1/19
Dear Duty Manager,
We have recommended a couple we have met today in Wanaka to you. They have booked a one night accommodation at your fantastic hotel. We are hoping that they will receive a bottle of wine on arrival to compensate for a trip that so far has not met their expectations as you had offered in your email to us earlier.
We thank you in anticipation and look forward to returning to your hotel when we return one day.
Sent from my iPhone
Kind Regards
Sharyn & Colin Haddow 1/19

Hi Richard!!
Happy New Year to you!! :)
Just wanted to let you know that Mr Kumar and his family loved every minute of their stay at the Residence!!
Thanks so much for looking after them so well!
Warm Regards,
Deepa 1/19

Dear mr Uppala
We all had such a great time and the people
were so friendly! Thanks a lot
A suggestion to help is to have a suitable
Buggy to move from the residences to the
Lobby would be great
Happy New Year to all at Rees
Kumar 12/18

Hi thank you for this email , our stay was very enjoyable , and we were very pleased with the facilities.
Best Patrick 12/18
We thoroughly enjoyed our time staying at the Rees & the apartment with its views was absolutely fantastic and we won’t hesitate to stay with you again or recommend you for that matter. We thought the facilities provided at the Rees was great especially the shuttle service.
We would like to make special mention of Sam the Concierge. We encountered Sam on our arrival and he assisted us with all our luggage and gave us a run down on the apartment. We were also fortunate enough to have Sam as the shuttle driver on several occasions and his interaction with guests & his local knowledge of the area & restaurant recommendations was brilliant. Sams attitude, customer service & professionalism was absolutely outstanding and a credit to the Rees.
Best wishes for 2019 and we really do look forward to returning to Queenstown and staying at the Rees at some stage in the future.
Kindest regards
Paul and Toni Fry 1/19

Thank you so much. We had a lovely time at the Rees. Everything in the room was lovely and the staff was friendly , esp. Sam, Fiona, Arun and Lucy ( I maybe wrong about the name , but the lady in short bob) and the concierge. All of you and the rest of the staff made our stay memorable. When we were checking out , my son asked me if there are any other Rees hotel anywhere else and if there is one, then can we go there ?. So yes, we would love to come back.
Just FYI, this email is sent to us but the names are wrong. We are Manisha And Sanjay Pipalia and we were in Rm:514 5.1 and my sister and her family Bavishi's were in Rm: 513 5.1.
Thank you,
Manisha Pipalia 1/19

Dear Duty Manager,
We have recommended a couple we have met today in Wanaka to you. They have booked a one night accommodation at your fantastic hotel. We are hoping that they will receive a bottle of wine on arrival to compensate for a trip that so far has not met their expectations as you had offered in your email to us earlier.
We thank you in anticipation and look forward to returning to your hotel when we return one day.
Sent from my iPhone
Kind Regards
Sharyn & Colin Haddow 1/19

Hi Richard!!
Happy New Year to you!! :)
Just wanted to let you know that Mr Kumar and his family loved every minute of their stay at the Residence!!
Thanks so much for looking after them so well!
Warm Regards,
Deepa 1/19

Dear mr Uppala
We all had such a great time and the people
were so friendly! Thanks a lot
A suggestion to help is to have a suitable
Buggy to move from the residences to the
Lobby would be great
Happy New Year to all at Rees
Kumar 12/18

Hi thank you for this email , our stay was very enjoyable , and we were very pleased with the facilities.
Best Patrick 12/18
We can’t say enough about the warm welcome and lovely staff at The Rees!! Our stay at your
hotel was just wonderful. Rooms are just lovely with amazing views! Free shuttle into town was
a bonus. Staff was so helpful regarding restaurants and things to do. Best hotel in town!
Ginger O’Reilly 12/18

We very much enjoyed our stay. We would like to commend your stuff on their impeccable service and engaging manner.
Breakfast was delicious however the size of the room felt too small for the number of guests in the hotel.
We also very much enjoyed the casual dining in the Bordeaux area.
We would definitely recommend you as a venue for staying whilst in Queenstown.
Kind regards
Nicola John Bowes 12/18

Thanks for the nice stay with you.
I just wanted to let you know that there may be a small mistake in the bill : we did not use the mini bar. We put the bottle and the tray in the cupboard because the kitchen was tiny.
Also what is the food gratuity / day ? Nobody told us about that when we entered the flat .(ie there was nobody to show us the flat).
Carine 12/18

Thank you for your email and for the wonderful and enjoyable stay. Had a fantastic time in Queenstown and enjoyed all aspects of our stay at the Rees, particularly the facilities and staff. Will certainly recommend family and friends to stay when they visit also. Ty
Ty Morrissey | Director | Morrissey Consulting International Pty Ltd 12/18

Thank you for your email, we really enjoyed our stay and looking forward to our next visit to Queenstown and staying at Rees.
Kauntik Dey 12/18

Thank you for your email and great hospitality, we enjoyed our stay and will surely recommend your hotel for anyone looking to visit Queenstown.
Arvind Shah
Executive Director – AEJ Research Sales
Nomura Singapore Limited 12/18

Thanks, that's a good offer. I'll spread the word.
You guys are doing great work at The Rees, we really enjoyed our stay.
Sohan 12/18

Thank you our stay was excellent.
Marichou was amazing as a driver and tour guide to Milford Sound. It's a long way and she made it fun and we didn't notice the time go by.
Edward Genocchio 12/18

We recently stayed at your great hotel and had a fun family holiday. Thank you. Also we went on a hike with a guide Pete. I can’t recall his company name but he has a flyer in your lobby. It sits in the bottom shelf and he advertisers guided walks and hunting. I think his company has the word Southern in it but I can’t find it on the internet. Would you mind looking at the bottom row and emailing me his contact details? . I want to tell my travel agent so she can recommend him.
Thank you very much oh and Merry Xmas
Susie 12/18
Dear Mr Naga Uppsala, thank you for your recent email concerning our stay at the Rees. The Rees has certainly set the standard to be achieved for our holiday in New Zealand. The hotel was very professionally run and the staff were particularly helpful and friendly. We really appreciated both the free laundry facilities, which saved much messing about, and the shuttle bus to town. The cooked breakfast was the best we have had so far and the room with a view was fantastic. Thank you and your team for making our first few days in NZ exceptional. We will certainly recommend you to others.
Robert Campbell 12/18

We had a wonderful time at the Rees and your staff overall provided excellent service. I was impressed by how responsive/helpful everyone was, how well our needs were anticipated, and how welcomed we felt. I was really appreciative of the “above and beyond service” given by a young woman (short blond hair) at the front desk (I didn’t get her name unfortunately) who attempted to confirm our reservations at Milford Sound for the following day. She could not get through, and we said we would try again later that afternoon after we returned from the day’s outing. I was really impressed that the young woman successfully confirmed our Milford Sound reservation during our absence, and followed up with us to let us know that our reservation had indeed been confirmed. In addition, the service was good in the restaurant although it was not as smooth during dinner. The food however was very good. We really enjoyed our stay.
Lydia Lai 12/18

Everything was really great at the hotel. We enjoyed the staff, location and rooms. We were in New Zealand for over two weeks and got to stay in some nice places, your room was the best we experienced.
The town shuttle and your staff’s accommodation around getting back and forth was great. We took the water shuttle into town one night for dinner and it was also exceptional. Our only issue with the water taxi was the front desk person gave us the times for the taxi going in reverse so we had to wait a half hour for the taxi to come back to our end of the lake.
Best restaurant recommendation was Bella Cucina, we ate there twice. We also had dinner at the Rees and breakfast every day and it was great too. One area for improvement would be getting a little more experience with the wait staff, they didn’t have a good command of the menu and seemed a little new to the job. Everyone was friendly and tried to be helpful.
Thank you.
Hope to see you again.
Cart. 12/18

Dear All -
Thank you for the kind note. My husband and I stayed for 1 night at the hotel and overall had a lovely experience. It might be worthwhile to note a couple of reactions:
The first is that that the room we stayed in had a lovely view of the lake and surrounding mountains however we found looking over the roof of the building below impacted the overall impact the view should have created. One suggestion would be to determine if you could install a garden or eco friendly roof top that would provide a natural blended solution. We have something similar on our house.
Secondly, we found the outside terrace to unclean with numerous bird droppings not only on the tiles but the table and chairs provided.
Again, please note that we had great friendly service and found the hotel to be a lovely place to stay.
Wayne 12/18
We very much enjoyed our stay, especially the condition of the room, the view of the lake from the balcony, and the amenities such as convenient parking, fitness center, and walking trail.
We are checking back in tomorrow for one more night after spending the last two nights at Mount Cook. Looking forward to our return. We are planning another return trip to New Zealand next year.
Nathan Marsh 12/18

Our stay at the Rees was outstanding. We will certainly recommend the Rees to anyone we know going to Queenstown. Thank you for such a nice experience.
Randy and Molly Nunn 12/18

My stay in Rees Queenstown was very nice, your staff were very helpful.
As my luggage was missed in Sidney where I made a transit there to Queenstown, both your Fabrizio and Chloe were very he;pful.
In particular, Fabrizio had been trying his best to contact Quatas Sidney even though these people could not provide useful info.
I appreciate it very much!!!
The room we are staying is nice and of course the view is very good, we enjoy it very much!
The only thing I need to point out is that I don’t like the small see-through glass at the top of the room door, people from outside can see the room inside particularly at night.
Kenneth Tang 12/18

Hi Venkatesh,
Thanks for your email and I would like to inform that we had a great time at Rees. We had option of. Hilton and Rees and we are a glad that we stayed at Rees.
Yes, I will recommend to friends and families
Visu 12/18

To the manager at The Rees Queenstown,
Yes, I would like to offer some feedback.
Firstly I found The Rees on Google and your website was excellent and inviting.
It looked like a beautiful venue and we found it to meet all of our expectations.
I was very keen to stay in an executive suite and it was worth the extra money
for the fabulous view from our windows.
The room also had excellent heating as we arrived the day it snowed!
All of the staff were helpful at all times but I would like to mention the friendly
and hospitable service we received on our arrival from Caroline.
She was so personable and nothing was a bother to her as she sorted out the WiFi
and carried our cases up the stairs. We felt very welcome and thus excited
about our next 6 days at The Rees. Graeme was also terrific in organizing our helicopter ride.
We did have a hire car but loved using the shuttle service to town. It was great.
This was out first trip to New Zealand and we are retirees so we will definitely return in a few years.
The snow caps on The Remarkables was an awesome sight that I shall remember for many years.
Sincerely yours,
Karen Pritchard 12/18

Hi Venkatesh
Thank you for your email We had a very pleasant stay and will be recommending The Rees to all our associates.
Many thanks Mike
Shearco 12/18

We had a wonderful time!!! Thank you all!! We miss New Zealand already!
Kellie Zaylor 11/18

We absolutely loved our stay and hope to return again one day.
The only thing we could 'fault' with the accommodation was there was nowhere appropriate nor enough room to store our suitcases. Even if we unpacked our clothing into the wardrobe, there was insufficient room to place the empty cases - in which we then placed in the lounge area. I note this was minor and did not affect our stay, however was a little inconvenient and probably bugged me more than anything to see them in view when they could be in a bedroom.
Thankyou for the follow up email.
Hope you are enjoying some continued lovely weather.
Renee Gisbourne 12/18

Thanks Mark!
My clients the Theobald’s that stayed with you last month LOVED the hotel. It was one of their favorites after spending 16-days in Australia and New Zealand.
Maureen Paap 11/18
Art of Hospitality Travel LLC
Director of Travel
C: 512.769.1147
An Affiliate of Departure Lounge®

thanks, we adored the place … really comfortable and friendly with beautiful views and room fittings. Roisin in the restaurant was marvellous looking after us and giving us tips on what to do.
We will definitely tell all our friends to come to you.
Susie O
John and Susie Osmaston 11/18

We really enjoyed our stay at your Hotel . It was our first time in the area and the team at THE ROAD TRIP picked some great places to stay.
Your staff were really professional and friendly. We would recommend your property to all our friends and family.
The one improvement you could make is in the quality of your toilet paper.( feed back from my wife)
Thanks again for your Hospitality
Mike Conner 11/18

My wife and I were disappointed that our stay in your fine property was limited to an overnight before catching a flight home to San Francisco. The ideal location and interestingly designed architectural concept of your property along with the a well-trained, helpful staff made our stay rewarding for the few waking hours we were there and disappointed that our time was so short.
The purpose of my note, however, is to acknowledge your response to my interruption of your breakfast on Wednesday. I am especially tuned to the importance of senior management’s active, direct involvement in customer/guest comments and complaints.
My career was focused on retail and hospitality. As a member of our senior executive team, one day a week I assumed direct responsibility for responding to the toughest customer/guest complaints. This senior management commitment developed a first-hand understanding of our customer/guest’s perspective of our business practices and employee performance.
While our frustrating experience waiting for an identified shuttle service at SYD generated serious concerns with respect to our hotel decision, the property and staff quickly overcame our concerns. I am confident that future guests will not have a similar experience.
You should also know that our in-room dinner was about as good as an in-room dinner can be.
Although it is unlikely at our age, if we should ever again visit Christchurch, you can be sure that we will select The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments Queenstown and not for one night.
Garrett (Gary) Nelson 11/18

Thank you so much. I had for the most part an excellent stay at your hotel. My wife and I stayed 10 days and were mostly very delighted. We particularly wanted to praise the communication skills, the helpfulness and friendliness of the vast majority of your staff, in whatever capacity it was they were working. Excellent hospitality. That being the case it pains me a little to report that the one negative experience we had was an interaction with a staff member who was I think rotating through the concierge role, and therefore I would have thought would have been even better at communication, helpfulness and friendliness than everyone else.
Granted it is relatively easy to be helpful , friendly and to communicate well when things are routine. But true professionalism shines when that is still the case when there are problems to resolve. In the case of this one staff member, I regret that that level of true professionalism was not evident. I found it odd that their communication was very incomplete to begin with, became aggressive and confrontational at subsequent encounter and did not seek to resolve my issue nor even, it seems, to be aware of their escalation to confrontation as they became frustrated with me for seeking assistance which it appears may have been a little more complicated than usual. It was left to me to deescalate this person's rising anger, to seek clarity from their own lack of clarity in the first place, to seek options for solution and it was left to me to resolve the original issue directly with the outside provider (even though organised through Rees concierge) .
As I said , the rest of my experience was exceptionally good and your staff were excellent. Maybe it was the contrast with the high levels of excellent service provided by everyone else that made this one encounter seem so jarringly out of place.
I am not interested in naming the individual. Whilst it seems to be a skills matter for only one person, perhaps positive communications and client service skills training to the whole group could be a way of addressing this matter in a constructive way.
Thank you so much for an excellent time at Rees and thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback.
Warren McMillan 11/18

Kia ora, Nathan!
How was your walk? Sorry we missed you on Monday - we had another fabulous stay, thank you :-) and an awesome holiday, overall. We'll be back next year ??
Take good care!
Sue and Gwyn x 11/18

Good afternoon
We enjoyed our stay thankyou
However having stayed at many hotels I found it very strange that you can charge $695 for a room with no air con. I would have assumed that such a feature would be standard,
The rest of our stay was terrific
Xavier Franklin 11/18

This was our third stay at The Rees Queenstown and we have no hesitation in saying the level of service; standard of accommodation; all facilities including the True South dining room in particular .... was outstanding in every detail ??.
The most memorable aspect of our stay without exception, was the genuine smiling, happy, helpful friendly staff ... whatever their role or location in the Hotel. Reception, cleaners, shuttle bus drivers, maintenance people, restaurant staff ... everyone was happy and outgoing, nothing was a bother, you only had to ask and it was provided. The Assistant Maintenances Manager on duty was especially cheerful each time we encountered him when using the lift !
Our lake view 2 bedroom executive apartment ranks as the best accommodation we have ever experienced anywhere. From under floor heating to luxurious furniture, furnishings and decor to wonderful showers and bathrooms etc., we loved every aspect.
The True South dining room was a real treat. Table by the window, great personal service, and our meals were absolutely delicious ??.
Finally, parking in the garage space was easy, clean and secure. And the shuttle service was fantastic...especially the ride to the start of the Half Marathon and pickup from town afterwards !
So thank you all ... there can be no doubt we will be back one day.
With kind regards,
Roger & Penny Carson. 11/18

We thoroughly enjoyed everything about our stay at Rees and wont hesitate to recommend your Hotel to any friends and family as well as future trips for ourselves. Our only ‘less favourable’ aspect was the overly early drop-off at the half marathon start point which left us standing in the cold for approx. 90 minutes. It would be great to see that timing improved.
On a completely different note, all 6 of us were thrilled with the comfort of the pillows in our apartment (5111) and I would like to try and purchase identical ones. Are you able to send me the supplier details? Or at least brand names/models etc. Hope you’re all having a somewhat quieter day to catch your breath after the marathon weekend.
Kind Regards,
Sandy Houlton 11/18

We had a great stay at The Rees & will most certainly recommend you to our friends travelling to Queenstown.
Our stay was fantastic, as were all of the staff at your establishment.
The shuttle bus to & from town made getting around town effortless, & confirming & booking day trips were made easy by your friendly & helpful staff.
We loved the South Island & will definitely be back one day.
Thanks again for a wonderful stay.
Kind regards
Karen 11/18

After a long and tiring journey from UK your hotel was just what we needed. Your staff were professional and courteous at all times. Jarrad was amazing and made us feel welcome. Your hotel is beautiful and our room was lovely with everything we required. We used room service and the restaurant both of which were exceptional. We would have no hesitation in recommending your hotel to family and friends.
Julie and Lorna 11/18

Hi Mate,
Fantastic stay…as always.
Nathan and the team were perfect.
Hope to see you later in the month.
Kind regards,
Shaun 11/18
Shaun Summerfield | GM Marketing & Communications
Giltrap Group Holdings Ltd
We had such a great stay at the Rees and would recommend to anyone and hope to be back one day ourselves.

Keep up the good work!
Cheers Joanna 11/18
Joanna Price

Thanks - our stay was absolutely lovely. The only tiny comment I have is that the rowing machine in the gym could do with some oil on the chain - it’s currently a bit clunky. That’s obviously only a very minor issue though; everything else was fantastic, and we will certainly head back to The Rees if we return to Queenstown.
Haydn 11/18

I would like to recommend child lock or child friendly doors.
Our 2.5 year old could easily open the front door to get out. Suggest putting in latches for extra security.
We had a great stay and would recommend to our friends and family.
Nilesh Patel 11/18
Director - Retail
Colliers International

Thank you very much for the lovely stay,
It’s was amazing looking for such beautiful view every morning from the windows.
If I can ask you for help with arranging my trip today to the airport it will be such help for me.
I’ve got flight today morning 7am. I want to be on the Airport around 530AM-540AM. Can you arrange for me taxi about 520AM?
Please also if you can get the money for the stay now from account (card) just in case I should change the international limit for transactions – we still have time for this.
Thank you,
Marcin Borecki 11/18

Hi guys,
I hope you are well! Just wanted to ping a quick email over to say thank you ever so much for having us earlier this month. We had a fantastic stay at the Rees and really appreciated your great hospitality during our time in Queenstown – just a shame about the weather! We got back into the UK last week and are slowly adjusting back into a routine.
We are very much look forward to working with you in the future and selling some amazing holidays to the wonderful country that is New Zealand.
Thanks again and we hope you enjoy an amazing summer over there in NZ.
Kind regards,
Matt, Janin and Jess. 11/18

Best regards
Matt Eagle
New Zealand Specialist
Audley Travel

Hi there
We had a wonderful stay at the hotel, thank you. I have misplaced the final invoice though, would it be possible to have it emailed to me please?
I have mentioned your hotel to a friend who is hoping to head across the ditch early next year!.
Anna 11/18
Hey Nathan
Have had a couple of calls from Kelly and she has nothing but positive things to say. Hotel is beautiful and both the food & service were amazing last night – so thanks to you and the team!!
Just a thought, could you please let the shuttle drivers not to give away where they are heading to tonight as the group don’t know what’s happening.
Cheers Liz 11/18
Orbit Travel

We would like to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Rees Hotel. (It was a lovely way to celebrate my 60th birthday.) Your Hotel and its staff are warmly welcoming. We especially valued the advice and helpfulness of Bethany on reception and Euan on the concierge desk. The shuttle bus service into town was a particularly valued service.
Peter and Dawn Challinor 11/18

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would not hesitate to recommend or return. The hotel was spotless and the rooms had many extras that added to our stay and the views were amazing. The bed was so comfortable.
The staff were very good but special mention to Graeme. He went to great lengths to make us welcome for which we appreciate.
Kind regards
Jan Twyman 11/18

Hi Nathan,
I’m truly happy we finally had the opportunity to stay at The Rees, it was absolutely beautiful, the whole team was very happy.
Thank you for the note & lollies left on my bed, that was a very kind gesture.
And thank you for all your help organising our stay.
I am happy for you to take payment from my Credit card. I have attached the Credit card Authorisation form for you.
Thanks & Kind Regards,
Stevie Thompson 11/18
Country Manager Support Executive
DHL Express NZ Ltd

Hi Mark
We stayed with you for 9 days recently and had a wonderful time.
I had a good chat with Roman, who I very much like to catch up with but didn’t want to disturb you from your routine for this occasion. Roman is growing nicely into a seasoned hotelier.
Found the rooms in "as new" order, as always and car space reserved.
Visited the restaurant a few times and it is genuinely my favourite in Queenstown for refined dinning. Chef does a great job.
I believe you have difficulties recruiting the right staff but I have to say we just love their attitude, presence and polish. All the girls (sorry I don’t recall all the names) on the desk and phone were personable and good to talk with. Fabiano was especially helpful. So I left them all something of special appreciation but feel free to let me know if we should do more.
My only comment is that Roman's professionalism was not always matched by the dress sense of other staff in True South who were a tad more casual. Their skill and culinary knowledge though, were first class and we just loved the introduction to each course.
Suze would do the Trip Advisor thing but as owners we are excluded. Does it perhaps mean only owners of the TRML operations business?
Cheers till next time.
Roger 11/18

Thank you for your invitation to offer our feedback on our stay at The Rees. Our only issues at your hotel had to do with your staff being overwhelmed. We had to wait longer than we should have to get into our room when we arrived on November 7. In addition, there were a couple of mornings that we could not get the breakfast we wanted because the kitchen was backed up and could not take our order.
Everything else about your hotel and the service was gracious, comfortable and very pleasurable. Our concerns above will certainly not detain us from recommending your accommodation, and we will be telling our travel agent in the US that we had a great experience with you. Your hotel served our needs while in Queenstown quite well.
Jana Edwards and Rick Poppe 11/18
customers of Discover Downunder, USA

Thank you . We are frequent global travelers and we will rate the Rees one of the best places we have stayed in anywhere in the world. Do see how you can expand vegetarian and vegan options in the menu!
Nandini Mansinghka 11/18

Dear Venkatesh,
Thank you for your email. My family & I really enjoyed our short stay at your lovely hotel. The staff were terrific & always helpful.
Kind regards,
Andrew De Garis. 11/18

Thanks for looking after us. We loved everything about out it
Sometimes it’s the little things that count eg: one night I had my grandson sleep in my room.
When we got back, lady kindly put fresh sheets and towels in this cot. Nice touch
Garce Galgano 11/18

Just a quick line to tell you we enjoyed our recent stay at the Rees- your staff were super-helpful, and our apartment was just perfect for the 3 of us- clean, comfortable, and what a view! Thanks for a very pleasant stay.
Dante, Karen, and Matt Graves 11/18
Just a couple of points of (hopefully) constructive feed back:
- overall we were very satisfied with the hotel;
- loved the intimate lobby / design of the reception area;
- staff were friendly and efficient. In particular we were impressed with Jimmy (Thai member of staff) who could not have been more helpful;
- we stayed in Room 4072. The shower door needs adjusting. It tends to shut with a loud bang. Not good for guests ears/ nerves or, I suspect, the longevity of the door itself;
- we had a late breakfast (around 9:45 am) and ordered the continental option. By that time several items on the buffet counter were fully depleted (eg miso soup , Bircher muesli etc), and we were advised that they could not be replenished. For a hotel of the Rees’ standard and the cost of the continental breakfast option that was a disappointing gap in performance.
Hope you find this of help and take some action on the last 2 points.
John 11/18

Good afternoon Euan,
Thank you very much for your email. My apologies for this late reply!
We had a great stay with you and enjoyed the wine tour to the fullest. It was wonderful, especially the Rippon Vineyard. All credits to Roman, he was a great guide.
Thanks again and hope to come back to New Zealand in the future! Have a good day!
Kind regards,
Family Karssen 11/18

Hi Nathan
We really enjoyed ourselves and met some wonderful people. The food was great and the superb wine flowed freely. Please put us down on the email list for future events. Please also forward our personal thanks to Roman, Yana and Mark for being great hosts.
Chris and Yola 11/18

Lovely hotel, great location and sumptuous rooms, but your best selling point is the young people on the staff, they are just outstanding, as individuals and as providers of hotel services. Kudos on your hiring approach. 

Ken Beckman 10/18

Kia ora Nathan!
I am so sorry for not reaching out before now, I actually came down with influenza on my last day in Queenstown and have been bed ridden since. What a doozy!
It didn't dampen my NZ experience and from all of us I can not thank you and your team enough. I asked for you when I was departing but forgot that it was a Saturday.
There will be many returning customers to the hotel and I am looking at arranging another conference in 2020. Our time at the Rees Hotel was magical - just magic! We were probably a bit painful at times with a few of our last minute requests but we never felt as though we compromised your team, although I'm sure we did.
Everything was flawless, the service was second to none, the facilities and rooms . . . take me back!!!! How lucky are you to work with such a great team in such a top notch location.
I look forward to returning in 2020! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Take good care of yourself and please pass on our gratitude to the team.

Simone McInally 10/18
executive assistant to hr director / l&d coordinator
human resources

Thank you very much, you are very kind. Yes I can guarantee that you will see us again, plus many of the other guests as well. Cheers, Wayne
Wayne Messer 10/18
Alpha First Aid

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you how pleased we were with our stay. While all staff were exceptionally warm and welcoming, I would like to tell you how kind Laura (front desk) was to me and my husband. Before and during our visit, my husband suffered from two injuries...and each time I explained the situation, Laura was so helpful in coming up with suitable assistance to make him more comfortable.
Since we live in Florida, I am not sure how soon we would be returning to beautiful Queenstown, but I do know it will be at the Rees. And I am happy to share that information with all of my friends.

Best Regards, Peggy Johns 10/18

We absolutely enjoyed our stay at The Rees.
I must say The Rees is the best.
We loved all services and facilities you provided.
I have already told my friends and college how beautiful Queenstown and The Rees is!
I really appreciate your warm welcome.
Thanks so much and see you again.

Maki 10/18

This was one of the best places we have ever stayed anywhere in the world! The people and service were great in addition to the hotel, beautiful views and great location. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

David Moeller 10/18

We have had the most amazing stay at The Rees and we are so disappointed that it was cut short by what happened.
I can only say that the staff there were no less than incredible in assisting me in every way.
Although I do not like to single out one person, I must commend Duty Manager Lisa for
handling our crisis in the most helpful, caring and professional manner. Her effort went far beyond what I think I would have received in other hotels.
During our stay each and every staff member greeted us and assisted us in an exceptional and professional manner.
The pleasant surroundings, excellent service and the location of the hotel were allowing us to experience just the holiday that we had planned and needed.
Gary is still in Dunedin hospital and we will be needing to stay here for sometime for him to rest and recover from the spinal fracture he suffered in the crash. I chose not to say accident because it was 100% caused by the excessive speed of the other driver. It was most irresponsible and will take me a bit of time to move past the negative feeling I am currently experiencing about that person.
I suppose the positive is that it could have been a much greater disaster. We are alive!!
Our beautiful sons are arriving here tonight and we will very much enjoy their support.
Thank you all again and I would encourage anyone we know who is visiting Queenstown to stay at The Rees.
I would also like to thank Lisa and the staff for the yummy fudge and very beautiful card and messages. It made me cry!!

Warmest regards
Suzette Wells 10/18

My husband and I had an amazing time at The Rees and in Queenstown. Richard Arnold went out of his way to make us feel comfortable and Rosie (I think that was her name!) was so nice and thoughtful.
Thank you all so much!

Melissa 10/18

Thanks very much and we did enjoy our stay….
However, a couple of small things I think need to be brought to your attention
We were in room 3111…. The lounge itself and the in particular the carpet were dirty… stained.. the carpet in hallway needs some attention immediately.
The TV in the bedroom didnt work properly.. Couldnt watch it and needes either re-tuning or your FOXTELL is not working properly, but the lounge room one worked fine.
Room service was excellent.
Bus and transport shuttle was also excellent. Very polite staff too. Jarrad was exceptional
Thanks very much

Alana Monaci 10/18

Fabrizio was extremely helpful during our stay.

Betty Rademacher 10/18

Wonderful time! Loved the staff and service. Many thanks. Brooks 10/18
I had a nice stay there recently. Great location out of city center but reliable friendly shuttle. Room is ok modern, comfortable, not outstanding. Architecture of the building is hideous, really ugly. Lobby is too small to be inviting. Some of the front desk staff were curt and rather unfriendly. Others were great. The activities guys were great. Would have liked milk for coffee but it came only first night. Charging extra for credit card is a real negative that I put in other reviews. 55 dollars to the airport is real ripoff and bad for reviews. Not allowing a later checkout without paying by the hour is also a terrible policy that I note on reviews on other sites. It is really lame for a hotel like this. Overall I gave it a 7/10.

Alan Tanner 10/18

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your hotel and found the accommodation, and choices of wine standout (as well as the view).
Our only feedback would be that the breakfast was a little lacklustre and there was order confusion at breakfast on the morning of ur departure.
Otherwise all good.
Neil Ventura 10/18

Good afternoon
Thank you for your email and my feedback is simply what an enjoyable stay at the hotel and many thanks to all staff who were excellent.
Neil Duncan 10/18

I would like to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Rees Hotel and wish it could have been longer. The staff at the hotel are wonderful—especially those working the front desk. Your concierge, Euan, was an incredible help to me when I found it necessary to contact my credit card company in the US. He made the call for me and connected me with the correct person and a crisis was averted. I very much appreciated his assistance.  Our room service dinner was delicious as was the dinner we enjoyed in the dining room the next evening. And last, but not least, our room was incredibly comfortable with a stunning view of the lake. 
I will highly recommend your hotel to anyone visiting Queenstown in the future. Out of the 12 hotels we visited since arriving in NZ, The Rees is definitely the best. 

Best regards,
Ellen Borger 3/18

Thank you so much for your warm welcome when I arrived yesterday it was lovely to see you both again.
I had the most delicious overnight stay in my gorgeous room last night.  The bed was so comfy I struggled to get up and out of it this morning - hence my late start to my day!
I invited friends to join me for pre dinner drinks on my room's patio with views followed by dinner last night at True South. I can vouch for us all in saying that we had a wonderful meal washed down with amazing local Pinot of course.  I can't rave enough about the slow cooked Cardrona Lamb mmmmm.
I felt very looked after by all members of your team.  Thank you.
Great work and compliments to you all.

Tania 3/18

It was great!

Tom Cooney 3/18

Hello Roman,
I had a great 3 days at the Rees, thanks to yourself & all other staff, to whom nothing is any trouble. It is a very impressive venue, providing a great experience for guests, I  particularly enjoyed the restaurant.
I am very much hoping that I can bring Jane to stay for 4 nights from 15th April, We are conscious of the high occupancy, future visits are likely to be during low or shoulder periods.

Kind regards
Paul  Wainscott 3/18

Hi Jithin,
We had a great stay at the Rees, thank you. Could I please ask for an email invoice of our stay to be sent to this email? 

Sam 3/18

Hi Chelsea,
Thank you very much. We look forward to staying at The Rees again in future.

Thanks again,
Sam 3/18

Thank you for your prompt reply. We really had a great time there. 

Davis Gilstrap 3/18

Hi Nathan,
Thank you so so much we had the most amazing time and everything was better than our expectations! The food was absolutely amazing and we had so many comments about the view from the conference room. 
We took some amazing photos off the balconies with the photographer so I will send some through when we get those! I’m sure she has some great ones of the reception as well!
Again thank you so much for everything we had the most amazing day and stay at The Rees and we really appreciated the effort you and your team put in behind the scenes to bring it all together. 

Kim and Matt 3/18

We had a truly delightful stay thank you

Julie Hogan 3/18 

We very much enjoyed our stay at the Rees as usual.
I should just let you know that I also mistakenly took the owners storage keys for Room 311 with me when we left.
However I can return these when we next check in again on 28 March

Best Regards,
Tony Coleman 3/18

Thanks very much for your hospitality, we were happy about the stay with your hotel and definitely tell your hotel to friends if they come Queenstown. For sure, we come and stay your hotel again in the future. 
Best Regards./
Bosco Chu 2/18
Aquila MFG

Hi Nathan,
Thank you so much for your help in organizing our Wedding.  We had a fantastic time in Queenstown and Loved every aspect of our wedding.  We will definitely be back and will be telling all our friends that The Rees is the place to stay.

All the best,
Sonya Marsh 2/18

Morning Jithin,
Just wanted to say what a fabulous time we had with you.  Your hotel is first class.  Everything was perfect!  We were lucky enough to be upgraded to an apartment, which was just incredible - amazing views of the lake, hugely comfortable bed, lovely shower.  We particularly appreciated having the living area as my husband couldn’t sleep due to jet lag.
All your staff were so friendly and helpful and really made us feel welcome.  We loved your restaurant and breakfast was delicious.  I have to say I think it’s the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in, as not only were the facilities first rate, but the general ambience and service we received made us feel very at home and relaxed.

Please say thanks to all your staff and congrats for the service you’re providing.  We’re looking forward to a second stay with you next week. Oh - and I will definitely be recommending you to all!

Best wishes
Linda Jacks 1/18

We loved our stay. There was a young Brasilian staff member (he has dark hair) who was so kind when I was unwell. He made me a heat pack and brought it to our room. This kind of care and excellent customer service would make the Rees a place I’d stay whenever I’m in Queenstown and my husband and I would certainly recommend it to anyone else traveling to Queenstown. 

Thank you!
Jessica and David 1/18

We loved our stay at the Rees, excellent hotel, super location, great staff , good food, would happily recommend to friends. Thank you for making our stay so memorable.

Andrew Brading 1/18

We have had a wonderful 5 week tour of New Zealand and will be back next year if not before.
Our stay at your hotel was memorable for many reasons, the comfort and elegance, the friendly and courteous staff, the wonderful dining and the most stunning and fantastic views.
As you might imagine, we will recommend your hotel to friends in the UK and we will be booking with you on our next trip.

Best wishes to all your staff 
Graham Brown 1/18

Thank you for a wonderful stay.
Only one suggestion that your staff be a little clearer with respect to the Queenstown Shuttle service you offer. One evening we caught a taxi back because we were of the misunderstanding that the shuttle only ran from the hotel on the hour only and then left Queenstown at quarter past only.
Anyway we will certainly be recommending The Rees to all.

Manuel Vrontas 1/18

We enjoyed our three nights and days very much. Queenstown is a wonderful place and the Rees is a great place to explore it from.
The rooms were lovely, everything we needed for our stay was included. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. 
We hope to be able to visit another time.

Thanks again,
Joanna and Aernout Boot 1/18

The service was amazing and the premises were more than I expected it was a beautiful stay and I would recommend to everyone and world stay again...
Thank you so much..

Kind regards,
Kylee Page 1/18

Your concierge, Matt, and his colleague were most helpful 

C. Dunn1/18 

The place is great and the view on the lake is fabulous.
We did enjoy our stay in the appartment and facilities provided.

Just like to say we had a great time and your staff are fantastic!
Special thanks to the Concierge who sorted out our hire car problems on Sunday - he’s a star !

Kind regards
Peter Knowles 11/17

We would like to thank you for our wonderful time spent at the Rees
Your staff are fantastic always polite, friendly and willing to help, the apartment was beautiful with fantastic views it was more than expected,
we could not have been happier
We will highly recommend our friends stay at the Rees

Thank you again
Jenny Mills 11/17

Thank you. We will certainly recommend your beautiful property to our friends. We had a wonderful stay.

Mary Horngren 11/17

Great accommodation, beautiful design 3 beds.... only defect we can only see roof of front units n beautiful mountain view but not the lake ... if the architect lift up the level of this row by another 10 m, then it is perfect or to up grade us to Premiun room with view ...

Chua Hock Chin 11/17

I received my package from you today. My jewellery I left in the room has arrived safely back to me.
I cannot thank you enough for sending it to me. And a huge thank you to your honest housekeeping people.
We had a lovely stay at your property and I definitely will be regarding you with high esteem and encouraging friends/family to stay with you.

Once again thank you so much
Wendy Winter 11/17

We had a very comfortable stay at The Rees, including an additional 4 nights 6-10 Nov when we shared an apartment with our friends the Stevensons.
We appreciated the assistance of all the staff, with Euan especially being a great help in organizing things.

Paul 11/17

I had stayed at your wonderful property when I visited Queenstown on a recce tour prior to a family holiday in NZ.
I am back in India and in the process of booking various hotels for our family tour. It was really disappointing to learn from Booking.com that there are no rooms available at The Rees for the period January 4 – 7.
We are a family of 5 adults and a child aged 10 years. This is to request you to try and accommodate our booing requirement for 6 persons for Jan 4-7.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
George John 11/17

I would thank you first for your kind email and I would like to say that is my pleasure to stay at The Rees Queenstown Hotel. As feedback to my time, I spent it there are many advantages and one disadvantage. The advantage is a quick response when the next room disturbs and keep calling me at the midnight and your gift as apologies in the next day. The disadvantage is that I asked the reception one day to post a request to clean my room and this did not happen. Overall, everything else was excellent and I advise my friends to choose The Rees Hotel if they go to Queenstown.

Best Regards,
Abdulaziz Bin Hussain 11/17

Please thank your staff on an outstanding stay at your hotel. It really does make a difference ! Everyone seemed genuinely happy with what they are doing, happy to help the guests, proficient with accomplishing their job. I can go on and on. The rooms were beautiful, clean and bright. The food in the restaurant fabuloud (especially the salmon sushi pirced).

Thank you again .
Marla King, Susan Weissen and Alice Mackay. 11/17

We just had a lovely stay at your fine apartments, just a delight. But, I think I left an entire drawer full of mostly shirts (new some of them) behind. Shows how relaxed we were. Could you please advise if any were found, it was apt 3111. If so, I would much appreciate you posting them to:

James Hutchin 11/17

Hi Jithin, Roman and Mark
Jo (my daughter)
and I just want to say what an awesome evening we had at The Rees Villa Maria Wine Celebration Dinner last week. The room and service was outstanding. The dinner was such fun with tasty, inspiring food and top class wine. As both of us are avid cooks and enjoy a glass or two, it couldn't have got much better.
Thank you for providing the nights accommodation and meal as a prize package through The Dish Magazine that i won.
I will definately recommend your hotel to my friends.
Jithin, please pass this message on to Roman and Mark who we had the pleasure of dealing with and also enjoyed their company at dinner.

Lorraine Knowles 11/17

We had a fabulous time in Queenstown, and thoroughly enjoyed staying at The Rees Hotel , and would be happy to recommend it to our friends .
I have recently posted a very favorable review on TripAdvisor.

Pauline Rubinstein 11/17

Both Garry and I were very impressed with your Hotel facilities and courteous staff who provided exceptional customer service and more than willing to offer assistance with any enquiry we had.
I will be advising our consultant at Relaxing Holidays of our New Zealand experience and feedback on our hotel stays for their reference. I must say, The Rees is at the top of our list of best hotels we have stayed at in New Zealand, and I have also uploaded my feedback on Trip Advisor (including our True South dining experience).
We will have no hesitation in recommending The Rees to anyone travelling to Queenstown looking for “6-star” service.

Kind regards,
Heather & Garry Bald 11/17

I was really satisfied with my stay at The Rees. And as a matter of fact I am coming back for two nights next friday.

Best Regards Jukka (Mr.) 11/17
Helsinki, Finland

Dear Mark
It was a great treat to be at The Rees again albeit for work although it did not really feel like work. You, your team and the glorious environment conspired to make us feel like we were on holiday.
Thank you also for including us at the special dinner – the food was lovely, the company intriguing and the wines delicious.
Please pass our thanks to Nathan and Roman for attending to everything with exemplary efficiency and great charm.
I hope you are travelling well and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Very best
Sandy, Gwyneth and Barbara XXX 11/17

Thanks for a delightful stay at the Rees hotel everybody was so warm and friendly especially the bus drivers and the lovely staff at breakfast

Cheers Carmel 11/17

We enjoyed the stay but I did have one issue that I just emailed "reservations@therees.co.nz" about. See below... If you can help to resolve this it would be appreciated.

Rick Stevenson 11/17

To all staff at the Rees just a short note of thanks for the wonderful service over our last two visits in Sept and Oct.What with plane cancelations in Sept. and blizzards in Oct you all looked after us extremely well.
Once again thank you. Also a special thank you to the unit owner Mrs. S Gunn who made our visits possible.

Kind regards,
Tim and Robyn Derrick and also Dght Jacki and grand dght Jess 11/17


I really appreciate the opportunity to give you feedback personally.
We could not have LOVED our stay at The Rees more. We found the staff were consistently friendly and went out of their way to talk and help and never once did they seem like they didn’t care or had better things to do.
My partner and I want to make a special mention to Stewart who was driving the transit into town (the bus is a GREAT SYSTEM) for how easy he waste chat to and friendly he was every time we saw him around the hotel during our stay.
We used the gym once during our stay and it was so nice to have that opportunity for a quick workout.
The room and facilities are simply stunning and we ended getting engaged in ours!! So thank you! Haha
We are looking forward to returning to The Rees next time we are in Queenstown and have recommended into many of our friends.
One thing we were wondering was if you would be able to let us know the name and make of the mattresses you have in the Lakeview rooms as it was the comfiest bed we slept in throughout our whole trip.
Thank you again
Please pass on our shout out to Stewart for playing Reggae for us in the bus :)

Shelley and Will Hill 10/17

Just wanted to say also that the free shuttle was super handy and a mega bonus! Made getting into town and back very easy and cheap too.

Sophia Berry Smith 10/17

Thank you! We had a magical time staying with you guys. The place was absolutely stunning.
Only comment - get some slippers in the rooms to go with the bathrobes! ;)

Cheers again,
Sophia & Wade 10/17

Last week we took the trip to Queenstown which we won in your draw and are writing to express our deep appreciation for the way that this way organised . We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Nicolette at Domain Thomson looked after us very well and gave us a good summary of the operation and its links to their French counterpart. It was an interesting operation and we very much enjoyed our lunch at Mt. Difficulty.
The Rees was an excellent accommodation choice and in particular the dinner in their restaurant was very well done.
Could you please pass on our thanks to the other parties involved in the sponsorship of this prize.
Kind regards and look forward to dining with you again in the near future.

Laurel and Allan Hawkins 10/17

It is a lovely hotel. One thing that would be useful is to be told when booking if the restaurant is unavailable for the night of a customer stay. They would then know to make alternative arrangements early.

Thanks, Vicky 10/17

It’s a beautiful place, thank you
David Fastuca 10/17

It was great seeing you last week and thanks for the catch-up, always nice seeing you. Shame we couldn’t do dinner.
Richard showed us the residence on Thursday, they look really nice…job well done. I am sure these will be very popular once they are all up and ready.
Hopefully we (or at least me) will get to experience a stay one time 
Thank you for hosting Rodney and I. we truly enjoyed our stay at the Rees and you have a great team there, they all do a great job. Please pass this onto them.
Let us know when you are in Sydney next.

Kind regards,
Lyn Haddad 10/17
Product Manager

Magnificent to visit the Rees, thank you for a really pleasant stay,

Many thanks to Mark and the team
Greg Mcallister 10/17

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Rees. One of our best hotel experiences!
We really appreciated the upgrade we received - it was a fabulous surprise and the view blew us away! The service was great and the shuttle bus into town very convenient. The room service was delicious and well priced. Don't get me started on the cooked breakfasts - yum!!
Our only regret is not being able to book a longer stay!

Thank you,
Mark and Shannon 10/17

Dear Nathan
Sorry for the delay in responding - I had to go to Auckland yesterday for a conference and just got back this afternoon. We were delighted with your service and that of the Rees team - the food was fantastic and there was plenty of it.
Please thank Ben, and the waiting staff Jarrad and the young woman (whose name I can't recall, sorry) - they were all very efficient and extremely pleasant working as a team of professionals. They handled well, my panic when the guests arrived an hour earlier than planned!
All our guests gave very positive feedback about the party - I made sure that the credit was attributed to the Rees team. I will be sure to recommend and use your services again.
Thanks again.
Ps will drop off the mat left behind tomorrow.

Best regards
Vivienne 10/17

We had a fantastic stay and loved the hotel. Thank you for a memorable trip.

William Akers 10/17

Thank you so much!
We had a wonderful stay and appreciated very much!

Inez 10/17

My stay was amazing over the weekend. Your staff ae beautiful all of them. Even when I broke my wrist I was bought up chocolates with a lovely card and more chocolate when I was leaving. I have only ever once before bought a robe from any motel/hotel I have stayed in whilst travelling the world but yours were amazing so I just had to have one. Once again loved and enjoyed your amazing staff and my stay with you and would be very happy to recommend the Rees.

Kind Regards
Pamela Stevenson 10/17

Hi Nathan
Thanks for checking in and hope you are well!
The celebration was absolutely amazing and thank you to you and all the staff at The Rees for helping all of our guests feel so welcome. The dinner at True South was lovely and the pre-dinner drinks in the Penthouse was more than we could have expected.
The card you have on file is my Mother’s card, is it ok if I call through tomorrow with my own card? I’d prefer not to send via email.

Thanks again ,
Josh 10/17

We really enjoyed our stay thanks and hoping to come back next year in Winter.
The room was excellent and the service was great and I will certainly recommend The Rees going forward.
I will contact the team direct when looking to book next year.

Brent Mate 10/17
Business Manager – Modern Trade

Kia ora Nathan,
Apologies for the delay in returning your email, I was away sick yesterday.
All I have heard is positive feedback from people that attended! Everyone was blown away by the hotel, in particular your support, flexibility and attention to detail. They were all very thankful and very impressed 
From me, it was incredibly easy working with you getting everything sorted. I know there were lots of aspects and lots of detail that I covered off but I was very grateful that you answered ALL of my many emails with the level of detail and assurance I needed!
I have no doubt we will come back to The Rees in the future, I just hope that I am on the next trip.
When possible, please send me the final invoice and I will get this through our system as quickly as possible.

Warm regards,
Senior Adviser
NZ Police 10/17

We had a wonderful time at The Rees, I have just posted the following review to Tripadvisor. Thank you for the lovely stay.

Kind Regards
Penny 10/17

We loves our stay with the Rees on the 29 & 30th Sept and then back again on the 2-6 Oct.
I did ask that someone check for our Bose Headphone charger which was left in the powerpoint in room 7163 and they advised they would get back to us. But no-one called.
Would you mind checking for this battery. It is black and flat and plugs into the powerpoint like a plug it is not a lead??

MArlyn 10/17

I really can't thank you and the staff enough for our fantastic stay at the Rees.
Upon entering we were genuinely welcomed at reception then told we'd been upgraded. This was particularly special as it was our 20th anniversary and our first time back to Queenstown since our honeymoon.
The baggage handler/bell boy was great too and told us everything we needed to know. We asked if we could have a wine bucket bought up and he immediately got it with some nice chocolates on the side. And their was a card inside the room congratulating us.
All this as well as the stunning views made our stay perfect and thank you so much.
We also had a nice meal in the restaurant and breakfast as well and the service was again brilliant, particularly the French waiter from Brittany who was very informed about the wines. Arun too with the foods and surprise at the end of dinner. We also had a young American (I think) waitress for breakfast who might have been quite new and she was really cool. Actually all the staff were great, even the room service people all said hello when we went past them.
You have a great thing going there and we've already recommended you to friends in person and on social media and we will be staying with you when next down your way.

Sincere thanks and hope you all have a great summer.
David and Corinna Cooper 10/17

Dear manager,
It was a pleased experience to stay at rees , staffs are helpful and warm.
What could be do better is the check in time is a bit late , especially for some travellers like us , by pass queens town 1 day or 2 , but want a wonderful hotel for better rest. It would be great if we call earlier in advance you can ready the room at 1 or 2 , instead of 3 o'clock.

Ken 10/17

It’s a great place to stay and staff all friendly

Kind regards
Shane Hislop 10/17

Sam I spent quite some time raving about how beautiful your hotel is on Trip Advisor, only to be told the form could not be submitted. It would also not allow me to attach any of the fabulous photos I took! I’ll try again some other time, but I hoped this would get through. It was glowing trust me!!!!

Darnelle South 10/17

Your property is simply spectacular. If you would be so kind could you please forward the bill that has been charged to my company card to me.
Have a great day.

Kind Regards
Ciaran Molloy 10/17
Assistant Manager
Eagles Nest

We would like to thank you and your fabulous staff for a wonderful stay at The Rees. Our apartment (and view) was amazing. Every single staff member went above and beyond and the cleaning staff did an amazing job of keeping our apartment spotless. We also had the pleasure of dining at True South one night. The food was fabulous and the lamb the best we have ever tasted. As an ex Travel Agent of 15 years I have been lucky enough to stay in many wonderful hotels around the world and The Rees is up there as one of my all-time favourites. So much so that we are already planning another trip to Queenstown and The Rees next year. We will also be putting a glowing review on Trip Advisor.

Kind regards,
Serena Smith 10/17

As always, everything went well. The staff are excellent, friendly and helpful. The shuttle service is great and the drivers always very helpful.

Jennifer Mckechnie 10/17

Thank you so much. I could not have thanked the girls at reception more when we checked out. We had the most wonderful stay, I will be recommending you to everyone I know, and I told the girls we would never stay anywhere else on our highly anticipated next visit. I checked out a lot of places on line when booking this, and something about you just made me keep coming back to you. I just had a good feeling about you and I was right! Our room was magnificent and I could never get sick of that view. What a glorious place.
Thank you all so much.

Darnelle & Robert South 10/17

Dear Jithin,
We enjoyed our stay with you. We didn't have any concerns.

Catherine 10/17

We had a fantastic time and stay at the Rees. The service was excellent and the view was spectacular

Nikora Tutekohi 10/17

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Rees - service was wonderful, attentive and warm, and the space was beautiful and exactly what we needed. We couldn't have asked for more (except maybe a longer stay!).

We can't wait to be back.
Eugene Yeo 9/17

Hi there
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Rees!
We particularly appreciated the friendliness and approachability of all the staff
we encountered.
The only thing that was a little disconcerting was the entry to our unit and the one adjoining.
We were in 207_1. When the neighbours were entering their unit, our front door would 'reverberate'
as if there was someone coming into our unit. Apart from that, everything else was perfection! Maybe the
blinds in the living room were a little revealing....
Thanks again for providing such a comfortable, professional and 'clean' experience!

Kind Regards
Karen and Richard Weston 9/17

We had a lovely stay in your hotel. The location and views were amazing and the service provided was excellent. The housekeeping did a fabulous job of keeping our apartment clean for us. The front reception staff were very attentive and extremely friendly. All in all we had a great time and will be sure to come back and stay again and let any friends know.

Many thanks
Kind regards
Michelle Higgins | Financial Controller 9/17
CustomTec Pty. Ltd.

It was great thanks - and we will certainly recommend it!

Rob 9/17

Good afternoon
We came over to celebrate a friend’s 50th and 12 of us stayed with you for different periods over the week.
I booked the hotel for our group of four staying in room 6021.
We loved the hotel and I will recommend to my boss and her husband and would stay with you again.
The only thing that would be helpful is some storage for the second bathroom. There were four adults staying and we had nowhere to place our bathroom items and used the shelf above the toilet, not ideal.
Either under the sink or perhaps a storage unit on wheels beside the toilet would be great for what it’s worth.
Staff were very helpful and friendly and spoke to us each day to see what we had been up to.

Thank you for your hospitality.
Janine Maggs 9/17

Hi Guys,
Best hotel ive ever been too….and will definitely be coming back.

Kind regards,
Jackie Schembri 9/17
Senior Purchasing Analyst
Qantas Airways Limited

You should be very proud of all your staff – they are without exception some of the finest, most friendly hosts I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in all my varied travels (although I may be slightly biased when it comes to Brittany ?)
We will definitely be back and are looking at dates already for early November

Thank you again – it was a lovely relaxed weekend!
Ross Butler 9/17

My Niece & her husband had a wonderful stay & said that they were treated like Royalty, the staff went above & beyond as always & it was a wonderful start to their Honeymoon.
Can’t thanks The Rees team enough, you guys are simply awesome !!!

Thanks again.

Aaron Smith 9/17
State Manager (NSW)
Advance Industrial Products

Loved every thing and particularly you and all the courteous caring fun staff
our apartment Just perfect

Pete Yarrell 9/17

We are back to Singapore ?
It's been a pleasant stay in your hotel and we enjoyed it very much. The staff at your hotel is very friendly and being helpful. We will definitely recommend our friends to stay at your hotel.
Have a good day ?

Thanks & Regards
Ms Chin 9/17

We had a most enjoyable time at the Rees.It is a great hotel and I have stayed at many around the world.Yes I would not hesitate to recommend Rees to family and friends.

Thanks again
Daryl 9/17


Patricia & Mario Perossa 9/17

Hi Nathan
Thank you so much for your message, I Friday morning I left the passport in the safe and I was hoping the passport would be at reception, which it was (fieww). Please send my thanks to your lovely housekeeping staff for returning for me. Everyone at The Rees has been so helpful and friendly which has made our stay with you wonderful, thank you Nathan also for your care and attentiveness to our (many) requests, your assistance is very much appreciated and we look forward to staying with you again in the future.
All the best.

Kind regards
Ladine 9/17

We had a great time, our third time staying with the Rees.

Kind Regards
Michael 9/17
Michael Clapham B.Bus,Dip.FS,Dip FP, Fellow Tax Institute
Authorised Rep No 1000443
Apex Partners Pty Ltd

The stay was excellent - in fact, we booked again for one night 2 days later. Not only is the hotel itself superb, but the cuisine and service in the restaurant are outstanding. I especially commend Zac's skill as waiter

Bob Gilbert 9/17
Professor Robert G ('Bob') Gilbert (F.A.A.)
University of Queensland,

Dear team of The Rees,
We're the girls who lived in room 7012 on Sep 12, we're sending you guys an email to thank you for offering us an epic stay in your hotel.
Your spectacular service made our day. The rearrangement of our room was efficient and we couldn't be happier with the magnificent view and facilities. Everything in The Rees was beyond perfect and you guys were incredibly supportive and helpful. Huge thanks to Caroline, Stuart, Brittany and Richard, who made our stay extremely delightful.
We'll definitely spread the words to our friends and recommend them to stay with you guys whenever they visit Queenstown. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you again.

Cheuk-ki and Billy 9/17

Hi there
We really enjoyed out stay. The staff were really friendly and always helpful. We went to the Hilton day spa which was nice but staff were not at the same level as the Rees. Your rooms are superb too. And breakfast was amazing. The best food, and staff again were great. Thanks very much. We are looking forward to our next stay already.

Kind regards,
Brad and Amelia 9/17

Thanks for your email and always a pleasant stay at The Rees with magnificent view and excellent service.
Just a tiny little comment, the mini fridge in Room 7012 is a little bit noisy when the engine was working, especially during the night.
Looking forward to coming back.

Cindy 9/17

Always fantastic at the The Rees
Thanks Jithin

Andrew Brown 9/17
Dealer Principal
Bill Buckle Auto Group & Northern Beaches Jaguar Land Rover


Our stay at The Rees was one not to forget. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. The cleanliness of the room /resort was immaculate , we loved coming home to blinds down after been out for the day making our room feel toastie. We will be back one day. You guys rock.

Jo Dawson 9/17

Good morning!
My wife and I were absolutely excited to be staying at your Hotel! The service, smiles, comfort, cleanliness and views (and snow, snow, snow!) were simply perfect!
Should we be able to afford the luxury again we will be back! This was our first ‘trip’ for 8 years – mostly because of my ‘discomfort’, but the test was passed in that respect.

Thank you again,
Laurie & Jude Stowe (ROOM 601) 9/17

The hotel was excellent. We enjoyed our stay and will be back.
A couple of very minor things:

1. The tea is terrible, please get something decent.
2. The shuttle should run every half an hour between 6-10 its only 4 extra trips and it makes it easier to get to and from dinner and means you don’t have to be in the cold.

Andrew Whitten 9/17

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for having us during our stay in Queenstown.
We loved it!
Loved the room I had during my stay there, very comfortable and awesome view!!
Service was also great and the shuttle van into town was very handy with all the adrenaline junkie things we did.
I'll definitely be coming back to Queenstown again one day and will highly recommend the Rees to others who visit.
FYI: My brother Reece Davenport and his partner Vaninka Clarke also loved their stay.

Thanks again
Dale Davenport 8/17

Appreciate for your hospitality! Hope to see you soon. Thanks.

Philip 8/17

I will be happy to add positive comments on Trip Advisor. But that will happen after we get back home to the U.S. end of the first week in September, so please don’t go looking till then. I meant to mention Matthew specifically with whom we had most interaction. He has a wonderful sense of humour and his suggestions were excellent and exact – no embellishments or hype, which we really appreciated.

Thanks again for a great stay.
Warren 8/17

We loved our stay and I have written a review on Trip advisor

Claire Downie 8/17

Thank you so much for hosting me in Queenstown and for showing me around the property. It is a beautiful property and I am looking forward to working with you to provide an optimum experience for our mutual clients.

Very best regards,
Brigitte 8/17

To all staff at The Rees Hotel...
Well done to one and all. Our stay, some years ago, was a standout experience during our month long visit to NZ. Your proactive, day-to-day, dedication to exceeding expectation has once again been recognised. I hope (one day) we will have sufficient funds to return and spend longer with you; well done once again!

With kindest of regards,
Stephen Charles Butcher
Bedford, England (UK)

We had a wonderful time at The Rees and wished we were staying longer. We’d like to mention how impressed we were with the versatility of your staff, from front desk reception to concierge duties to bellman, to van driver. Nothing was a problem for your people. With my wife’s accident we asked for extra blankets and icepacks. They were delivered with a smile. And the flowers and sympathy note were a lovely touch. We used the restaurant for dinner and had room service twice. Excellent offerings in all cases. We were even impressed with how clean the parking areas were. And the shuttle service was invaluable.
The only thing we wished had been available (we were in room 4112) was a small desk with a power outlet, somewhere to sit at and use a laptop or write postcards and notes.
A big thankyou to all you staff who served us. They made our stay very enjoyable.

Best regards
Warren Dent 8/17

Hello Team,
Words can't really explain and express my thankfulness fro your excellent setup and everything you did to make this happen in under short notice
This is my 2nd visit to Queenstown, and 1st time with you guys, great facility and environment too, we sure will be enjoying our stay here today and tomorrow,
Thank you again Team Rees!

Best regards
Colin 8/17

Dear Nathan
A very big thank you to you and all the staff at The Rees who contributed to making our stay in Queenstown absolutely perfect!
We really couldn’t have asked for anything better. The hotel itself was perfectly located for all that we had planned, the rooms were amazing and the food & drinks on point!
I’m sure many of us will return to The Rees when in Queenstown again.
I do have one last query to close off with you, as you know we unfortunately could not do the Milford and Cruise as planned and ended up just doing the Glacier landing (wow!!).
As a result the cost for this reduced. Can you please confirm the amount that is to be refunded?

Thank you again
Anne-Marie Micalizzi. EA to the CEO 8/17

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and were very happy with the high standard of the room and particularly grateful for the comprehensive laundry and cooking facilities. Amazing view, friendly and helpful staff.
Only one minor snagging point for room 506 ensuite bathroom. The shower head is attached to a rubber hose which twists and causes the head to point either directly at the shower door or the back wall but never the person having the shower!

Mike Barton 8/17

We both had an extremely pleasant stay in Queenstown and really enjoyed our stay at the Rees Hotel. We both commented it is one of the best hotels we have stayed at and we have travelled extensively all over the world.
The only disappointing comment was been told by reception when I contacted them by phone, that we would be unable to watch the Rugby test on Saturday night. I resolved it by going to reception and speaking to a duty manager who then arranged a person to come to our room and resolve the wiring issues to allow us to receive the sport channel. Please do not take this as being a negative issue as resolved quickly.
We would have no hesitation in staying and will definitely book at the Rees Hotel on our next visit by us or my family. Because of the location of the hotel I have not noticed it before being lower than the road.
Thank you once again for allowing us to enjoy your lovely hotel and look forward to seeing you in the not too distance future. Congratulations on the presentation of your hotel and the extremely friendly staff throughout the hotel.

Kind Regards
Alan and Wendy Murray 8/17

Back to reality this morning and what an amazing few days it was in Queenstown.
Mark, it was great to connect again and spend some time with quality people over what was a fabulous dining experience at The Rees. Thank you for providing what was a real highlight of the trip.
From the moment I walked into the lobby, the staff were attentive, smiling and eager to assist. I was impressed with the standard of rooms which Richard gave me a thorough overview on. The ambience of the hotel is certainly a key part of the first impression you experience.
Congratulations on setting a benchmark that I feel would be hard to beat in anywhere in New Zealand.
I look forward to keeping in touch and will be reviewing any future business opportunities that we may be able to discuss together.
Safe travels and look forward to hosting you in Melbourne if you are passing through in the future ( although not sure if my cellar has 3 litre magnums of Surveyor Thomson Pinot !! ).

Kind regards
Peter Harding | Managing Director 8/17
Grand Pacific Tours www.grandpacifictours.com

A huge thank-you for your incredible hospitality both at the Residence and dinner. A truly memorable and very enjoyable evening (Glad I did find my credit card lying on the lobby floor! When I queried how it had gotten then there were just lots of smiles and looks in your direction ?)
When the Residences are all up and running, it’ll give you a great opportunity to extend your product range even further. We get a (growing) number of upper end multi generational and extended family groups and can seea perfect fit for several of the Residences given the “welcome/individual concierge style service” extended that we experienced with Richard). I’ve taken a few images and will update the team.

Kind Regards,
Matt Brady 8/17
Managing Director
Pan Pacific Travel

We had a wonderful stay at the Rees Apartments, it was a beautiful apartment with a glorious outlook.
I would like to provide some feedback.
We were extremely impressed with the housekeeping service. we were on a family holiday and with our 3 sons and our daughter. Our sons were quite messy as we headed out each day and left clothes on their beds. We came home to find the beds not only made beautifully but clothes had been folded and put to one side. It was a lovely touch and on one occasion when I met the some of the housekeeping staff they were warm and friendly.
We were also very impressed with some of the concierge team - Tevan and Nathan were helpful on all occasions, gave great recommendations and gave extra attention to us all to make our stay great.
Bronwen at the front desk was also warm and welcoming and helpful with all the requests I made of her.
I would greatly appreciate you passing on our thanks to these staff members.
On a slightly negative note, we used the shuttle bus into town a lot as we had passed in our hire car at Queenstown. The shuttle buses were often full going into and out of town and because there are 6 people in our family we filled up the bus significantly. We didn't have to wait in town for the second run of the bus but other people did on several occasions and I think this could have been avoided if a bigger bus is used or more buses are running. I really had to think ahead to get us booked on to the bus and thinking ahead is not something I necessarily want to do too much of when on holidays!
Finally, I do want to mention that I was not so impressed with the attitude of one of your staff members - Chelsea. Last Saturday I had several conversations with her as I was organising different members of the family to go into town on different shuttle buses. She was not warm or particularly helpful. Our 17 year old son was quite sick on that day and we had to organise a 1:15pm bus to take him back to the Rees from town. It was not a problem as there was a bus coming into town anyway. However, when I called Chelsea at 1pm to ask if Oscar could return on the bus she chastised me for calling "too late" and "not giving enough notice". I didn't appreciate being "told off" when in fact it didn't appear that I was inconveniencing anybody as a bus was on it's way. I felt her attitude was unnecessary and my interactions with her were really the only sour note of our stay.
Thank you again for the opportunity to let you know how our stay went.

Best wishes,
Megan 8/17

Thank you for email, yes we will recommend The Rees as we had a great stay, and will be back next year..

Best Regards
Mark Ericksen 8/17

Thank you for the email, it was a wonderful experience stay in The Rees.
Could I please ask a copy of our invoice ?

Shirley Sun 8/17

Indeed... I want to go back there again!
In the mean time, thank you very much for your hospitality and the team you have there -coming in from many countries- is truly representing global minds with local taste, the air of beautiful Queenstown.

Take care.
Irman Alvian Zahiruddin 8/17

I appricate of your excellent hospitality when I stayed in the Rees last weekend.
It was a wonderful experience for me that I had never ever in Queenstown.
I will highly recommend my clients to have your hotel in Queenstown for their holidays.

Many thanks
have a good day!
Chrissy Tang 8/17

We found the Hotel just lovely , staff were very helpful and friendly , our room was immaculate and the beds and pillows fantastic , I will definitely recommend The Rees to our friends , my husband has also given it a huge tick on Trip advisor
Kindest regards
Pam 8/17

I had a wonderful stay and will definitely recommend The Rees. I enjoyed everything about the property and it worked well for a long stay such as mine.

Kind regards
Jennifer Cornwell | NZ UPM | GEMINI | DWTT Productions Limited 8/17

It was a very nice stay. Thank you very much for everything.

Mrs Daval 8/17

Thank you for the message, we had a wonderful stay at the Rees over the past few nights and I wanted to say your staff were exceptional, fantastic service and always with a smile which made the entire stay more enjoyable.
We will be back down very soon as we are about to buy a vineyard near Cromwell and set up our Central Otago cellar door.

Thanks again.
Andrew Bailey 8/17
Managing Director
Misty Cove Wine Group Ltd
Marlborough, New Zealand

I would like to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would definitely come again. What sets yo apart is the terrific service of the concierge. The team were all very accommodating, attentive, organised and helpful. Their local knowledge was great and we definitely got use of their services. Particular mention should go to Stuart, who personally demonstrated all of the qualities listed above and was willing to go the extra mile.
Also noteworthy was your cleaning staff. My husband was sick while we at Queenstown and I asked the cleaning staff for some extra attention. The two staff that attended went above and beyond. I assume their service was out of their normal routine but they were quick, fuss free and ensured that I was totally happy.
The bar and restaurant staff were also very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. Staying in a hotel room meant that we also made good use of the communal lounge area with our travelling companions. They too agree with my glowing review.
If I am totally honest, there was a minor incident at the end of our stay where I heard a shuttle driver speak rudely to a guest that was a mother to a small child that was having a tantrum. Being a mother I am sympathetic to the situation, and the pressure the driver placed on the mother to make the child stop crying was unhelpful and unrealistic. It was a shame to see this as we were leaving - it made me feel uncomfortable and I am sure the mother/guest was embarrassed enough as it was.
In saying this, the shuttle service was excellent and another service we used regularly. For the most part, the drivers were excellent. It was a reliable service and again, one that sets you apart. The bike hire is also another excellent feature, with good quality, well maintained bikes. The rooms and location were excellent - no noise from the road. The carpet looked a little tired/stained in places (so was a little glitch on first impression, walking in to the room), but quickly overcome and I didn't even notice after the first day.
Please pass on our thanks to your team. We would definitely recommend the Rees.

Jodi McAlary.8/17

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you at The Rees. The staff were all wonderful from the reception to the concierge to the shuttle drivers to the housekeeping. We could not fault the fabulous service we received. I have just posted a high recommendation for your hotel on our Qantas Staff Travel facebook page. I am a flight attendant and will continue to recommend to my fellow staff and passengers. We will definitely be back.

Many thanks,
Suzanne Bell 8/17

This is Terry Toaldo (Room 5162). We are checking out shortly.
Could someone please print the attached Qantas Boarding Passes for us?
Thank you so much - and thank you for all your great service during our stay at the Rees. Youve all been wonderful!

Kind regards
Terry 8/17

Hi there,
We loved our stay at The Rees. The Apartment and staff were great.
Just a note on the bedding. We were staying in Room 6041
and the mattress in the lake bedroom either needs turning or replacing.
The ensuite side felt “used” however once I moved to the lake side of the bed it was far
more comfortable.

Susan Wood 8/17

Thanks for fantastic service and great experience we had. Everything was perfect as we expected.The only thing could be improved is the noise level when entering and exiting by others. In fact our room was next to another with a small foyer sharing between two rooms we were waken up few times late at night and very early in the morning when our neighbor entering/exiting doors.
Also the warm breakfast we tried in two different days could be improved in taste and portion size. We decided not having breakfast on other two days simply because was too expensive for the quality and portion size.

Thanks again and will see you next year!
Nima 8/17


Thank you very much for your kind care
We have spent a wonderful time in your lovely hotel.
Wr are actually planning to come again on 11 August 2017 for 2 nights. I would appreciate if you could help me to book a 2 bedroom penthouse 11 to 13 August 2017.

best regards
Abdulmonem A Alhayani 8/17

Abdulmonem Al-Hayani MBBS, DipFMS, PhD, LIFBA
Dean Students Affairs
Faculty of Medicine,
King Abdul Aziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Roman,

It was pleasant to see you again! Thanks so much for your help, we thoroughly enjoyed the stay and would love to come back soon?
See you soon and take care.

Warm regards,
Jason 8/17
Jason Wang
Fund Manager
ICE Angels

Hi Chelsea and team,
Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for my fantastic stay on Saturday. The staff were very friendly and super helpful at all times. Check in was smooth and I love how somebody shows you the room and how things work. The room itself is very nice, modern, clean and the bed super comfortable ?. Also loved all the welcome notes.
Thanks again for everything and I will not hesitate to recommend the Rees to my future clients.
Thank you and wishing you a lovely day,

Danielle van Donge 8/17
FIT Account Manager
Pan Pacific Travel Corporation

Actually the stay was overall good
What i appreciated was the room and the view , the room equipment and amenities , the quality of the food and the service at your restaurant and the overall services provided by the concierge in terms of booking transportation etc...
What i believe could be improved is the size of the bar ( was difficult to find a seat during some hours ) as well as the size of the restaurant which made it difficult to have a booking at a decent time if late booking .

Thierry Villard 8/17

Good morning
Outstanding stay thank you. I would not hesitate to stay again. I have travelled the world literally, and have never found such genuinely caring and helpful staff.
What would I change? The hotel desperately needs somewhere to warm-up cold ski-muscles after a day on the slopes. A spa/sauna and ice plunge pool would have put the icing on the cake for us.

Cheers and thanks again
Trevor Burton 8/17
McDonald’s Warwick
McDonald’s Stanthorpe

Thank you for the follow up email. Having been in the industry for 25 years and now executive chef with Accor hotel group in Melbourne can I let you know that the staff you have are so friendly and more than willing to go the extra mile and love having a chat and making you feel so special. The simple things have the biggest impact.
Can I mention Daphne, Tevan, Celine, Tabitha, Stuart and the young Scottish guy (porter) I can't recall he's name. Euan?
They all need to be praised as we found it to be an expensive place but these staff made it awesome. Hard to find great people and you have plenty.
Well done & congratulations
Like you to pass on my praise as they deserve it

Kind Regards
Trent Whelan 7/17

Thank you so much for having us stay at The Rees last week.
Our group had such a wonderful time and enjoyed our stay with you.
The accommodation was absolutely stunning and our 2 bedroom lake room apartment was fantastic!
The rooms had everything that we needed and more! The laundry was also a big surprise.
Room service and daily cleaning and turn down service was wonderful.
The Patagonian chocolates on the pillows each night were also delicious ?
This was my second stay at The Rees and I will definitely be back again.

Alisha de Graaf 7/17

It was our second year back at The Rees and were so pleased with our stay. The entire staff team was kind and friendly and we were always made to feel so welcome.
Our few family members are travelling to Queenstown in January and were planning on staying at The Rees. I will mention for them to book directly through The Rees.
We look forward to booking our next holiday in 2018 with you guys as well. Thanks!

Sarah Torrance (Wallace) 7/17

A great stay thank you x

Kind Regards
Marie Norton 7/17
Territory Manager Vic SE and Tas
Laerdal Australia

We had a great single night stay with you, particularly comfortable and warm after being out snow camping. Just a note about our room (616-2), the shower leaks onto the bathroom floor and leaves a pool around the toilet, we had to use all the towels to mop it up, may need something on the bottom of the shower door or some extra linen provided. We were very careful making sure the door was in the right position but it didn't help. Breakfast was very cluttered and hectic for the small room.
But overall our stay was lovely and dinner was

Rosie 7/17


I just wanted to thank you for the hospitality you and your team have shown us. We really appreciate it! The room is just lovely. Everything it just perfect.
Many thanks again. It's going to be a great week!

Marty 7/17
Magic Memories

Missed you again !
We had a nice stay, I left some magazines for you. As you can see they are promoting the South Pacific Islands to the trade, so quite different to Queenstown.
I want to compliment your fabulous staff, they were all very very good at their jobs. I was especially impressed with a man who helped with our bags and drove us to town a couple of times, I think he was from the Phillipines and his name started with T…… hopefully that narrows it down for you.

Thanks again Mark, all the best.
Fran 7/17

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent stay at The Rees Hotel and will definitely recommend it to our friends and family.
Unfortunately I mislaid a pair of cashmere bedsocks during my stay in room 506 - I imagine they may have been wrapped up in the bedlinen at some stage. Could you please check if these have turned up anywhere in your lost property?

Sarah 7/17

Thank you very much for a great week at the Rees.
My husband and I appreciated your efforts to put us as far away as possible from the building works. To be honest we heard very little and we found our apartment and the Rees hotel a must gratifying experience.
I will be putting a review up on Booking.com and thank you again for a wonderful stay.

Kind regards
Judith Lee 7/17

We had a wonderful stay at the Rees hotel. Our room was great, the staff were great. Our only feedback was the limited menu and value for money in the restaurant. We would of eaten there more if you had more options and offered some better value for money meals. Eg. Happy to pay $40 for a main, but we were still hungry after. Also not every night you want a fine dining meal, so some more filling options around the $25 -$30 mark.

Larnie 7/17

Thanks for having us. Lovely room – only downside to the stay was the breakfast we had in the restaurant, however we did tell front of desk about it.
Is it possible for you to please email me a receipt for the accommodation and other expenses? I didn’t receive on upon checkout.

Thank you
Julia 7/17

I really have spend unforgettable nights in your hotel,, it was great holiday to me and my family..
Definitely I will comeback agin and I will share my experience in the city and the hotel with all my friends and family.
Thank you again and looking forward to comeback again ..

Jamal alamri 7/17

Your staff are to be commended. The level of customer service and willingness to assist was the best I have ever experienced across the globe. The reception staff and the concierge was second to none.
I will call out one person in particular on reception - Bronwen - she was just unbelievable and a real gem of an employee. May be I should hire her she was that good!
In terms of suggestions my only thought is that the bar and cafe should be separate from reception if you are doing any renovations at some time. Otherwise it was a spectacular experience.

Kind Regards
The Knappick’s 7/17

Thank you, it was a delightful stay and we felt very well catered for.
The rooms were lovely, the beds very comfortable and the heating and fire were perfect especially with the view of the lake and mountains.
The kitchen was well equipped except for a egg flip/spatular, either metal or silicon.
Our room service food was superb thank you.
Our lamb at the restaurant was too salty and did not taste like a roast, but rather like pickled meat. The artichokes should have been labelled Jerusalem artichokes, but we asked for a salad instead and that was easily replaced.
Despite that issue at the restaurant, we are definitely recommending the Rees to our friends, and I would like to book again.

Thank you
Sarina 7/17

I've just stayed with my family at the Rees and have had an amazing time.
I'm about to do a Trip Advisor review and I wanted to make sure I had a name spelt correctly - the Frenchman working in the dining room this morning (his name starts with G).
If you could please confirm this spelling for me it would be much appreciated!

Leesha 7/17

Hi Nathan, the dinner was superb mate – a great evening & a credit to the Rees Hotel.
Are you able to use the same credit card you used for the deposit?


Steven Unsworth 7/17
Product Manager – Orthopaedics
Device Technologies

Good morning Jithin
We had a very pleasant stay thank you.Albeit too short as always.
In particular, breakfast was very good & we found the concierge very helpful in booking events.

Kind regards
Huw Thomas BSc FRICS 17/7
Commercial Property Consultancy

We had a great time in Queenstown and loved our stay at the Rees. Your staff were really helpful when needed and the accomodation was to a very high standard. The views from our room were also amazing.
We did ride the Queenstown trail but when I click the link below it says the survey is closed so I cannot complete this unfortunately.

Peter Kelly 7/17

Dear staff and management at The Rees,
We have just recently stayed with you under the name of Welton in room 108-1 for two nights.
I would just like to say a huge thank you for making our stay so enjoyable. It was our first time in Queenstown and we will defiantly be back. The hotel is an amazing place where the attention to detail is fantastic. The staff were so helpful and attentive. I would especially like to mention Stuart who looked after us so well. He is a credit to the hotel.
We will be back to stay with you and will be thoroughly recommending The Rees to family and friends.

Jenny and Victoria 7/17

We love the Rees hotel but I can provide one piece of feedback which may assist.
We struggled to get our transportation to the slopes as a good experience. Whilst your concierge team were able to recommend snowpro and who's service was excellent the transport options were not explained at all.
Having enquired about private transfers and decided against due to the cost I went to get my lift passes. A coach option was available which I took with ski nz. It was a disaster but that's not your issue. I subsequently learnt the taxi costs and that there were alternative coach options.
A simple i pager outlining all transport options to the slopes would be beneficial and enable informed decisions to be made.(including which side of the road to get the bus from!)

Kind regards
Andy Turnbull 7/17
Sports Hydrant Pty Ltd

Dear Jithin
My friends Robyn and Tim Derrick visited The Rees again with their granddaughter. They said everyone looked after them so well and they had a wonderful time - thank you. In addition their return flight to Brisbane was postponed to the next day due to major fog issues in Brisbane. After 8 hours at Queenstown airport they were exhausted and their granddaughter was not coping well. Once it was confirmed the flight was not going until the next day I rang The Rees and the staff were fantastic. As my apartment was fully booked they found the last double room apartment on Level 1 and everyone looked after them so well. As many people had to sleep at the airport due to a lack of accommodation in Queenstown I (and they) were very grateful.

Thank you once again for a fabulous stay.
Kind regards
Stephanie Gunn 7/17

Many thanks - we had a great stay.

Richard Evans, Principal 7/17
REĂ Consulting

My partner Brent Mckay and myself thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your beautiful Hotel. From the moment we arrived on Tuesday till we left on Friday we were treated with respect from all your friendly staff. Our room was beautiful with the most magnificent view of Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables, what a pleasure to wake up to that view each morning. The chocolates on our bedside tables each night were much appreciated.
Could you please pass on my thanks to Mark for the birthday card and sweets left for me. To the staff for their friendly attitude and helpfulness at all times. To your chef who I have to say made the most delicious meal I have had the pleasure to eat. Everything was beautifully presented and even though we were late for our meal and in the end the only ones in the restaurant we were never made to feel as if we had to hurry through our meal so they could go home.
The use of your courtesy van made getting in and out of town a pleasure as we did not have to worry about parking and the inevitable drinking and driving on experiencing the lovely restaurants Queenstown has to offer its visitors.
This was my first visit to Queenstown and will definitely not be my last. I will definitely be recommending your hotel to my friends and family.
Thank you again for all your kind hospitality.

Kind Regards
Lynda Sampson 6/17

Our stay was great and the staff were helpful especially Chris who was friendly and chatty and very knowledgeable on the area.
One minor complaint was staff twice asked us to use the tablet to order room service which is fine but there is no kids menu on there. If you could include that would be great.
Thanks for our stay.

Nat 6/17

Thanks so much. We had a fantastic time at the Rees!

Best wishes
Ganesh and Ovidia Rajaram 6/17