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Our Commitment

The Rees Hotel Queenstown is committed to policies and practices that support the goals of environmental and social protection and sustainability. The Rees Hotel has implemented a company-wide stewardship programme to pursue and develop operational practices that minimize waste and promote positive interaction between the operations of our business and the broader community in which we live.

Carbon Neutral

The Rees Hotel has determined that it will be an industry leader in the achievement of Carbon Neutral status, through the measurement of its Carbon Footprint, the adoption of new practices to reduce Carbon emissions, and we are researching ways to support Carbon Emission Offset projects to compensate for any emissions that we are unable to eliminate.

Energy Conservation

Design and construction practices have been followed that deliver acoustic and thermal insulation that significantly exceeds current New Zealand standards.
Energy efficient light bulbs and fluorescent tubes have been fitted, where ever possible, in all general use areas of The Rees Hotel – internally and externally.
Under floor heating, wall heaters and gas fire places can all be remotely controlled so that energy use can be centrally managed and conserved when apartments are vacant.

Water Conservation

Sophisticated water efficient fixtures – such as shower heads, tap aerators and dual flush toilets – are standard throughout The Rees Hotel.
We have implemented a towel and linen exchange policy designed to minimize waste of water and the use of laundry products
Grey water is removed from the central laundry and re-used for garden irrigation.
Storm water drains are marked to warn against use for the disposal of other wastes.
Oil/water separators are installed in storm water catch pits servicing car parking areas.
Cleaning materials used at The Rees Hotel are where possible non-toxic and biodegradable.
Dual bins are provided in all apartments to enable guests to sort and separate organic and inorganic wastes.
While Queenstown has no recycling service for commercial properties, The Rees Hotel has its own storage centre for recyclable materials such as paper, metals, plastic, and glass and our organic wastes are donated to a local free range chicken farm.

Nature Conservation

Beech Cove – the location of The Rees Hotel – has a beneficial microclimate that has supported the survival of a natural grove of beech trees whereas most of the original vegetation on the shoreline has vanished or been replaced. Two types of mistletoe occupy the canopies of some of these long-standing Beech trees – a rarity according to advice from qualified conservationists.
The Rees Hotel Queenstown has taken care to preserve the beech grove, by creating a public reserve around the glade at the western border of the site. The walkway and the glade are protected in perpetuity by a covenant on the title of The Rees Hotel, and a new landscaped reserve featuring additional native plants is being created and will provide access from Frankton Road to the Foreshore walkway.
As a result an important ecological feature is being preserved and enhanced.

Social Sustainability 

The Rees Hotel has made a strong commitment to respect and promote the social, cultural and historic values of the Southern Lakes District. This is demonstrated in our unique collection of contemporary and historic art works and prints, our extensive library of rare books on the development of the region, our commitment to serve local produce, wines, and beverages to our guests, and in the range of Rees Hotel Experiences we are developing with the assistance of local suppliers.

Supply Partnerships

The Rees Hotel endeavors to source its external supplies locally, wherever possible.
We are encouraging our suppliers to follow similar policies in regard to environmental and social sustainability in their own operations. Their commitment will have a strong influence on our decision to do business with them.

Advice to and from Guests

The compendium we provide to guests in each apartment and suite contains further advice on how you can assist us in meeting our goals for social and environmental sustainability.
We positively welcome your suggestions on how we can improve the environmental and social sustainability of our operations. Every suggestion will be submitted for consideration by our Sustainability Stewardship Group and the Group will advise you of the outcome.

For The Rees Sustainability Stewardship Group

Bruce Davidson
The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments Queenstown