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Silent Auction | Wines | Ken Hardman Everest Fundraiser

The Rees Hotel Queenstown is supporting Ken Hardman who is taking on The Everest Marathon as his 60th birthday goal and he’s aiming to raise at least $10,000 for two charities: Cure Kids and the Everest Marathon Fund. In an effort to meet his goal we are holding a silent auction for a JEREBOAM of *Felton Road* Block 3 Pinot Noir 2010 and a MAGNUM of *Valli* Row 36 Pinot Noir 2008. See the descriptions below for full details.

Please email your highest bid to along with your full name and contact details.

Auction closes at 3pm on Friday 28th October, 2011.


JEREBOAM of *Felton Road* Block 3 Pinot Noir 2010

Shipping Costs:
Tracked courier, signature required, $34

Tasting notes:

Immediately quite masculine on the nose: herbs, earth and brooding dark spices rather than a flower basket. The palate is at once intensely concentrated but with searing transparency. The herbs dance through the raspberry and cherry, with a host of complex detail shining through that encourages one to linger and explore. Regal and structured, but not intimidating, it sails into a long chocolate finish.

About Felton Road Winery:
A strict 100% estate policy with fully organic and biodynamic viticulture(Demeter certified) ensures that our fruit arrives at the winery as pure as it can be, while our entire estate comes as close to true sustainability as is possible. A commitment to hands off winemaking: gravity flow, wild yeasts, wild malo, an avoidance of fining and filtration all help preserve the wine’s expression of it’s unique terroir. No additions or adjustments are performed unless they absolutely need to be.

These larger format bottles are not generally offered for sale.


MAGNUM of *Valli* Row 36 Pinot Noir 2008

Shipping Costs:
Tracked courier, signature required, $34

Tasting notes:
To ensure the best fruit possible the Valli estate vineyard in Gibbston has been planted with true North-South orientation, guaranteeing equal sun exposure and perfect uniformity of ripeness.

Consequently the vineyard is diamond-shaped, with shorter rows on the sides and the longest in the middle. This longest row is number 36, also called the ‘thinking row’ because when working in it there is more time for the mind to wander and come up with ideas. (It can be a very dangerous row.)

For harvest 2007 I had the help of Josselin de Gesincourt (New Zealand Sommelier of the Year, 2007). While picking row 36, Josselin decided it should be made separately, bottled in magnums and labelled ‘Row 36′. However from a winemaking and wine quality point of view this was not practical.

Joss was not to be dissuaded. Wanting to get on with harvest, an agreement was reached, I would make the wines (after all I am the winemaker), but before blending he would get to taste every barrel. If his favourite barrel was the same as mine it would be bottled separately in magnums and labelled ‘Row 36′.

Thinking that would be the end, and that all would be forgotten, I was in for two surprises. First, Joss turned up 10 months later to taste (and my best efforts to sabotage his memory only ended up with a seriously depleted cellar). And second, when we each revealed our favourite barrel, secretly written down after tasting over 30, we had both selected the same one!

So ‘Row 36′ was born. It is simply the very best single barrel from the 2008 vintage.