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Supplier Showcase: Heart of the Desert Saffron

MediaPack- Heart of the Desert Saffron
Location: Bannockburn, Central Otago

Heart of the Desert Saffron is a small family business that grows distinctive saffron in the harsh, desert-like climate of Bannockburn, Central Otago. Heart of the Desert considers part of its job to inform users how to optimize the intricacies of flavour and scent in the final dish. Heart of the Desert Saffron has been rated as ‘world class’ by one prominent Australian critic. They distribute to “to leading restaurants, discerning chefs and the premiere luxury lodges throughout New Zealand and overseas. “

Heart of the Desert strive to produce the absolute best quality saffron possible based on good scientific information and careful observation backed up by excellent service

Featured Product: 100% Pure Saffron
Prepared using a unique kiln drying method, it retains the highest possible levels of safranal for when it reaches the purchaser. They sell only from the current year’s harvest, ensuring the freshest possible product.

Selected by Executive Chef Ben Batterbury because:
“I chose this company as it’s a couple with great passion for quality and grown on our doorstep! Their saffron is some of the best I have used and is 100% pure.”

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  • Headoffice:Miners Tce