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Supplier Showcase: Blue River Dairy

MediaPack- Blue River Dairy
Location: Invercargill

The Blue River story began 10 years ago along the fertile banks of the mighty Clutha River on the southern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. A group of enterprising sheep farmers decided to embrace the ancient Mediterranean farming practice of sheep milking and one of New Zealand’s fi rst sheep’s milk cheese factories was born.

European settlers, primarily Scottish, arriving in New Zealand in the mid 1800’s were quick to recognise the farming potential of the Clutha River Valley with its lush green pastures, ample rainfall and warm summers making for perfect farming country. Its valley is the ideal location for sheep, beef, grain, and fruit farming in the upper reaches and vegetable and dairy farming in the delta towards the coast.

While the Blue River Dairy cheese factory has since been relocated to Invercargill in neighbouring Southland, the success of the company is closely linked to the rich farming land of the southern river valleys and the rolling pastures on which the sheep happily graze and provide the rich, sweet milk that creates the dairy products.

Featured Product: Curio Bay Pecorino Cheese
Taking our inspiration from Italy, Curio Bay™ Pecorino from New Zealand certainly has it’s own distinctive style. Produced from 100% fresh New Zealand sheep’s milk – exclusively from our own farms – this cheese is matured for 5-7 months on white pine wood shelving sourced from New Zealand’s West Coast forest. It is then turned and washed by hand numerous times as it ages. It’s natural rind slowly develops over this time and allows the cheese to develop a rich, grainy texture.

Curio Bay™ Pecorino is less salty than Pecorino Romano with a flavor that is rich and savoury, and finishes on a very clean note. The straw yellow color signifies that our sheep are exclusively grass-fed. It’s creamy colour is a result of the beta-carotene rich green grass meadows on which the Blue River sheep are grazed. Best enjoyed with a glass of barrel-fermented Chardonnay or a full-bodied Pinot Noir.

US Distributor:
700 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094, USA
Tel: + 1 201 866 5001

Selected by Executive Chef Ben Batterbury because:
"I chose them because I believe their products are first class and the Curio Bay Pecorino we wil be showcasing at the James Beard House is, for me, one of NZ's best cheeses."

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  • Phone:+64 3 211 5150
  • Fax:+64 3 218 7369
  • Headoffice:111 Nith St
    New Zealand