The Rees - True South

Striking it Rich

strikingrich1-small.jpgIn August 1862, Jack Tewa had barely returned to work after his rescue when he turned up a trace of gold in a shovel full of gravel from The Arrow.

WG knew what that could mean. The Otago gold rush was already under way. The law required grazing to make way for mining if a workable prospect had been found.

He struck a deal with his employees: keep quiet about the gold until the shearing was finished, and there would be food and time to work the prospect. The deal held till the wool was packed – but barely.

His shearers, Thomas Arthur and Harry Redfern, were next to strike it rich – at the Shotover River.

strikingrich2-small.jpgTwo of the world’s most significant gold fields had been discovered in the very heart of The Promised Land.

The news was quickly out. Within weeks, thousands of gold-hungry, food-hungry miners poured onto the Rees runs.

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