The Rees - True South


The Rees - ExplorationThe newly-weds arrived in Port Chalmers in February 1859.

W.G. went straight to work. He acquired an established sheep run at Dalvey, where Tapanui stands today.

Mission accomplished, he hurried back to Dunedin to join Frances for the birth of their first child, Mary Rose.

While Frances recovered, W.G. rode north to the Shag River. At Coal Creek, he leased some more land to hold the stock that his partners would ship to him from New South Wales. Then, he returned to Dunedin to organise his expedition.

The Rees - ExplorationIn January 1860, Rees set off – with a party of six on horses with packhorses to carry their supplies.

They had a long rough ride ahead – and most of it through unmapped territory.

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