The Rees - True South

Dynasty of Cricket

Dynasty of CricketWilliam’s broader family was practically the founding dynasty of English cricket.

The Rees, Pocock, Gilbert and Grace families produced no less than 12 cousins who were all first class cricketers.

Four played for England and others represented New South Wales, Victoria, and various provinces in New Zealand. William alone represented West Country, New South Wales, Otago, and Canterbury.

Most famous of them all was William’s godson, cousin and namesake, William Gilbert Grace.

cricket1.jpgWilliam gave young W.G. Grace his first cane-handled cricket bat and coached him in its use.

The godson grew to be the legendary captain of England who dominated the world of cricket for an amazing 44 years.

Godson and godfather corresponded regularly and there is a copy of W.G. Grace’s opinion of Australian cricket and Australian umpires in The Rees Library.

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