The Rees - True South

The Coleraine Dinner – 15 Nov
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After School

afterschool1.jpgBy 1852, the young Rees had completed his education at the Royal Naval School, Camberwell, an engineering apprenticeship, and a spell as assistant master at Mount Radford College, Exeter.

Now, he was setting out to seek his fortune – on the gold diggings at Turon in New South Wales.

It turned out to be farming not prospecting that fascinated W.G. in Australia.

He quickly formed a partnership with two established Australian graziers, George Gammie and Colonel William Lewis Grant, to develop new runs on unmapped land being offered in New Zealand.

afterschool2.jpgBut, first, W.G. was set on marrying his cousin and childhood sweetheart, Frances Gilbert.

He returned to England in 1858. The wedding took place mid-year, then W.G. and his new bride set sail for New Zealand.

William and Frances were off to find “The Promised Land of Rees”.

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